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Used all your condoms? Stock up at and for even more savings enter TYT at checkout! The dating world is changing fast, and you've…



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  • Jarrod Anderson 3 years ago

    1:36 that’s crap because 95% of the time, the guy is asking the girl on the
    date. That’s just an easy out.

  • Kisto Ogbaugo 3 years ago

    Haha I love their motto, “hump responsibly”.

  • ed32ification 3 years ago

    I would love to have a chick like her in my life. She seems so
    understanding and intelligent then the girls I come across with, God I
    would make sweet love to her! ♡.♡ 

  • iscrewy 3 years ago

    I have a solution to all of this: Go back to 1940’s/1950’s dating rules,
    minus the misogyny. It’s simple, it’s direct, and it’s not as awkward.
    And when you go out to dinner, pay for what you bought; if the person who
    chose where to go chose an expensive place, just order something cheap.

  • AdriasSoap 3 years ago

    It’s an odd subject for me because in England we don’t really date. If your
    first night out together doesn’t end in sex then something’s wrong.

  • Minuteman 3 years ago

    ”in U.S and around the country” LOL da fuck?

  • costin saceanu 3 years ago

    equal right, equal repsonsabilities

  • Now you know why inequality in pay is fully justified. The extra 20% I get
    goes for women and their bs. I’ll never agree with equality pay unless
    there is equality in many other areas, till then, happy times.

  • Buizelstar 3 years ago

    If you eat, then you pay half the price.

  • zepps88 3 years ago

    i wholeheartedly disagree with the last one. ABSOLUTELY have sex as soon as
    possible. it’ll destroy the sexual tension and it’ll strengthen the bond
    and trust between you tenfold.

  • WhiskeyWhiskers 3 years ago

    My advice for guys. Reach for the cheque, if she protests, pay for the
    entire meal. If she doesn’t, ask her if she’ll split it.

  • Crazea 3 years ago

    Or just go to your local health center and get all the FREE condoms you
    want! They’re right on the counter in a basket and you just grab them.

  • Chi Hegdekar 3 years ago

    omg these camera angles…so awkward 😐 ZOOM OUT 

  • Julian Owens 3 years ago


  • Jimmy Struthers 3 years ago

    Red Flag: Extremely Small Penis….

  • Ashan Rodruigez 3 years ago

    41% offer to pay, but only 10% mean it; can we stop giving women credit for
    lying yet?

  • riniks112 3 years ago

    Hump responsibly! 

  • DAVID Edwards 3 years ago

    I agree with Lisa, just tell me you arent interested. Feelings will be hurt
    but I will have way more respect. 

  • DAVID Edwards 3 years ago

    Why should I go online for Condoms when I can get them at any retail

  • neikaplay 3 years ago

    I’m in Jamaica and I don’t know how this goes for everyone here of course
    but my experience is that if you ask for the date then you pay. Girls can
    offer to share the bill especially if you are younger or you can take turns
    paying if you are more familiar. Sex is up to whenever you feel the time is

  • taylor t 3 years ago

    I would never ask a new interest to pay . If a guy says to split it wen he
    asked me out ill do it then never call again

  • thenoobcannon 3 years ago

    cant both genders just agree to pay for what they had?

  • alkolaqi83 3 years ago

    i see a great couple 

  • Michaela Davis 3 years ago

    Love it when you guys co-host. I enjoy the show 20 times more than when you
    guys do it individually. The back and forth is interesting between the two
    of you, yet never tense as it has been with other co-hosts.

  • ronnieron555 3 years ago

    I liked when john said, “I’ll keep that in mind” to Lisa. lol
    (I don’t think she caught it. haha)

  • Re He 3 years ago

    Agreed. Lisa and John rock.

  • Lyviiz 3 years ago

    guys should pay. until women and men are paid the same for the same jobs,
    guys should pay. (unless it was the girl who asked him out… but if he
    still offers then kudos to him)

  • TheMangoDeluxe 3 years ago

    Always always always go Dutch. 

  • xwilxL 3 years ago

    Well, there are many reasons to take the bill. I really enjoyed your
    company and I want to see more of you so as a gesture of interest, I will
    take the bill. I ate the most, I’ll take the bill. I see that you are not
    in a good position to spend money right now, I’ll take the bill. I want to
    get points on my card so I’ll take the bill. You’re offering to pay for
    taxi home I’ll take the bill. Just be polite, there is no one procedure for
    who has to pay, if anything you can split the bill. The problem is that
    people feel the pressure to take the bill or not take it cause they think
    it is customary.
    TLDR: take the bill if you think it would be a nice thing to do.

  • justus4justice 3 years ago

    While these videos are fun, I feel a bit awkward watching John and Lisa’s
    video dates.

  • AdmiralBlake 3 years ago

    hahahah, hilarious sponsor

  • Andy R. 3 years ago

    +TYT University Lisa is back – cool. Where has she been all the time?

  • FuturePlusOne 3 years ago

    Small penis

  • Neurotic Knight 3 years ago

    John, during my finals week i snapped a bit at my gf and after few weeks of
    arguments we broke up, but then she said she loved me but only wants to be
    friends, since she said she was not ready to commit, what do i do.

  • Jai Ho 3 years ago

    Sleep with them whenever you want. I’ve made guys wait ages (several
    months) as well as slept with guys immediately. Contrary to popular belief,
    the time I slept with a guy right away was the time that led to a long-term
    relationship with lots of mutual respect and maturity, and still going
    strong! If he stops calling you after you sleep with him, hey – he didn’t
    respect you anyway, at least you got some fun out of it. If he contacts you
    just for sex, decide if that’s a bad thing. It could be a good deal for
    you. If so, CARRY ON. If you want more than he is willing to offer, think
    about your feelings and consider stopping. Hey, he can also like you more
    and more and eventually become your serious boyfriend. *Points at self*

    Point is, every guy is different, every girl is different. No rules are
    going to work perfectly – they’re more like guidelines. Just be safe and
    live your life. Mind games and rules are too much work, go with what feels

  • hksin11186 3 years ago

    A desperate day indeed when we don’t even have commercial breaks. They’re
    spliced mid sentence into the content itself.

  • Zebedee Summers 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the “check dance”

  • mycatsbroken 3 years ago

    In the us or around the country; that’s the same fucking thing

  • planbzy1 3 years ago

    Why is the woman somewhere else?

  • matthew versace 3 years ago

    first yep im going there