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Subscribe to my VIP videos (not on youtube) at *** First dates are primed to be awkward. We're going out with someone we…



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  • Kerri Allen 3 years ago


  • willowr22 3 years ago

    I am heading out on a first date to go feed the ducks and walk along the
    river. Thanks for the advice!

  • Sandra Jefferson 3 years ago

    What about if he takes you to a restaurant you have to sit opposite to him
    other wise it would seem strange.

  • HeyMyNameIsDanny 3 years ago

    How I love this channel

  • Mario Balotelli 3 years ago


  • tyler chickenowski 3 years ago

    Does anybody know what company his t shirt is?

  • ruth Olive 3 years ago

    Great advise Matty!.Its relevant.Cheers

  • Jake Yuro 3 years ago hope this helps….

  • Em St 3 years ago

    ”don’t sit opposite each other” AMEN! finally someone said that, thank
    you. I find it so awkward

  • girl112791 3 years ago

    I say Matthew should help us practice dating by taking us out on “pretend”
    dates 😉 We’ll call them “exercises”

  • kaztazable 3 years ago

    given that he gives dating advice, mr hussey must spit some pretty good
    game to catch his prey

  • Kay Tia 3 years ago

    Won’t it seem weird to sit directly next to someone on a first date though?

  • Wei Mara 3 years ago

    What if you don’t kiss on the first date??

  • Avonlea Montague 3 years ago

    If he auctioned himself off for a date I would be okay with that.

  • Emma Smith 3 years ago

    Yessss I totally agree 

  • sinetheawhy 3 years ago

    This stuff is GOLD!!! 

  • jellybeanz 3 years ago

    This is VERY culturally unique. In some cultures, touching on the first
    date is inappropriate, let alone kissing someone. 

  • Holly Parker 3 years ago

    Fair call. He makes good points, but what are you supposed to say to a guy
    who perhaps asks why you want to sit next to him as opposed to in front of
    him, when every other couple in the vicinity isn’t?

  • superanimefan275 3 years ago

    So true about the 0 to 60 on a first date kiss. On a blind date once I
    hadn’t anticipated the kiss since we hand’t really had much physical
    contact throughout the date. Then at the end he just pulled me in and
    kissed me. Sounds romantic right? Well it wasn’t. I was like “WTF!?” and my
    instant reaction was to push him off me. The date ended so awkwardly…

  • InTheMannerOfTheGrover 3 years ago

    that second one is especially smart.

  • Todd Rich 3 years ago

    Im going out for ice cream with this girl but im pretty sure we r gonna sit
    opposite each other, if shes going to sit opposite me, do i tell her to sit
    next to me? I just feel like that is awkward too since it looks weird

  • ybbed019 3 years ago

    Amazing tips!

  • Annie M 3 years ago

    awesome video

  • GLADYMAR Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Very helpful tips, I hope when I get to have a date I remember it :D

  • Mary Planton 3 years ago

    If it’s a restaurant and a 4 sided table, sit at 90 degrees to him. Easier
    to see the face and yet people watch, etc. I’ve done that and it’s much
    more comfortable and makes it easier to have a conversation.

  • Grey Veil 3 years ago


  • Nina Eriksson 3 years ago

    Matthew, can you answer this comment? I dont think ur a real person. ;>

  • Lydell Cortez 3 years ago

    Great advice. I have a challenge for you though. What should I do or say
    when we’re riding an elevator? The doors close and everyone just stops
    talking. Been there twice with the same guy. Help.

  • shandel vega 3 years ago

    Ugh he’s so attractive! And that accent mmmmm 

  • Jacqueline Sy 3 years ago

    wow, that sitting next to them tip is pure genius!

  • Nicola H 3 years ago

    V helpful

  • Anna Christina 3 years ago

    Best advice I’ve ever heard. 

  • Sasha Gonzales 3 years ago

    Went on my first date last night with a guy I’ve liked forever, mine wasn’t
    awkward at all bc we’ve known each other forever and been friends. I saw
    this in my sub bar for YouTube and watching it explains why it wasn’t
    awkward thanks for helping me to understand why this one worked so much
    better than the others

  • Shanda Catrice 3 years ago

    great tips Matthew, I naturally do number two most of the time but 1 and 3
    are good.

  • Solniadora 3 years ago

    The one about sitting in front of each other is so true. Been there, I
    carried on the conversation speaking about silly stuff just to avoid the
    awkward ahhaha

  • Anonie Mouse 3 years ago

    You are literally genius 

  • Katherine McArdle 3 years ago

    Is it wrong not to want someone to be so clingy? I’m quite young but i
    can’t seem to find people that are ok with not talking to me every 5

  • Tabea Hannappel 3 years ago

    you are my hero ! :)

  • alienbaby09 3 years ago

    Not only would I touch him early and often, he would be in mortal danger of
    being eaten with a spoon.

  • ThankMyself 3 years ago

    Yeaah I’m the nervous kind, find it hard to start conversations ..

  • Ravell Robinson 3 years ago

    I met this woman last week conversation went well and we clicked instantly
    and then we started talking about kissing I wanted to kiss her right then
    and there but then I thought I just met this woman about 30 minutes ago
    should I have done it? I must say this though she was a bartender and I
    didn’t want to make things seem awkward to everyone in the bar…

  • pinknails517 3 years ago

    i asked a guy out and we had the best first date EVER! it was instant
    chemistry after knowing him for around 4 months but just as friends, and we
    talked for HOURS and time flew by. we sat side by side, and it never felt
    awkward. im still seeing him!

  • ducheswannabe 3 years ago

    GENIUS! how didn’t i think of that !?

  • Karen Crewe 3 years ago

    Matthew you’ve been working out man 

  • MeIsMe Fanx 3 years ago

    I don’t know why people make things awkward for themselves! Its simple.