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We wrote a book called How To Get Out of The Friend Zone! Check it out: See our newest LOL vid, Clingy Guys, here! Can't …



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  • Marissa Revel 4 years ago


  • MissFionaa 4 years ago


  • Lila Hartung 4 years ago

    1 but i think ice skating would be cool

  • Jessica Kozlowski 4 years ago

    Hey wing girls! I really need you help! My boyfriend isn’t texting me and its really getting on my nerves! He texts one word to me and then stops. I think he might be jealous of one of my guy friends! Please help!

  • bbqueen1110 4 years ago

    1 and 2 sound like terrible ideas for me because I would end up all gross and sweaty :l

  • Oreobunbun10 4 years ago


  • RajivrocksHD 4 years ago

    cycling isn’t romantic at all when your 16 something around there because everyday you cycle to and from school its so tedious i guess on a warm summers day it can happen but any other day no way at least thats what my girlfriend said and all my ex’s

  • Elizabeth Blevins 4 years ago

    would skating be a good thing to do? cuz someone at my school has just asked me out and im hoping we can go skating,cuz its one thing im actually GOOD at.

  • Olivia Bachman 4 years ago

    #2 my boyfriend lives 11,000 miles away though 🙁

  • Ainsley Hinson 4 years ago


  • GirlsAskBoys 4 years ago

    Oh cool! 🙂

  • GirlsAskBoys 4 years ago

    That’s so awesome! Congrats and thanks!

  • GirlsAskBoys 4 years ago

    No you wouldn’t die! HAHA!

  • Dina Olufsen 4 years ago

    My favorite is no. 1 Hike❤️

  • whatamusicalmess 4 years ago


  • lauren miller 4 years ago


  • hannah layosa 4 years ago

    Hey wing girls I want to know if this guy likes Me or not help!!! -Hannah

  • Ckbrilliantes 4 years ago

    If we do a tandem bike we would die oh you we should do it u guys are hilarious

  • Amanda Norton 4 years ago


  • Claudia Valdez 4 years ago

    Bowling is better believe me 🙂

  • ourworld80 4 years ago

    I like biking

  • madi stroud 4 years ago

    Ok so one of my guy friends said he likes me and he asked me if I liked him bac but the problem is he has a girlfriend what does that mean is he thinking about breaking up with hi girlfriend or staying with her and just keep likening me

  • denelle doucette 4 years ago

    Hey wing girls!! My friend got rejected by the guy she loved, idk what to say or do!! Please help thanks 🙂

  • Demia Johnson 4 years ago


  • Sean Downey 4 years ago

    Biking to go hiking, I live in Whittier, Ca

  • XXNiCoLe2012XX 4 years ago

    Hiking srry if I spelled that wrong

  • Timmy Barbes 4 years ago

    Dear girlsaskboys, I like my BFF (guy) Tyson but I can’t figure out a way to tell him I want to go out without the chance of not being friends any more. Meanwhile my other BFF (girl Tula likes him& he likes her back pleas help!!!!!! From Naomi

  • Timmy Barbes 4 years ago

    Dear girlsaskboys,

  • tellezbm 4 years ago

    bowling most def. My boyfriend popped the question yesterday at a bowling alley, So thats my favorite. 🙂
    Yall are so awesome by the way.:D

  • kitty cat lickar 4 years ago

    Deer girlsaskguys my boyfriend is helping a girl out to get her ex back but he keeps taking pitchers of him and her kissing and saying he loves her it drives me crazy i dont know what to do every time i help her get her ex back my boyfriend just pushes me a way does this count as cheating or is this not right pleas tell me.

  • Emily Borgogelli 4 years ago


  • Mike will 4 years ago

    I like bowling too but what do you think about mini golf?

  • Evan Bermel 4 years ago

    Bowling is my favorite

  • Evan Bermel 4 years ago

    I’m a freshman and this helps a lot!!