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The episode continues the prior one, Josh Gets Engaged, where Josh brings Anna to Arkansas after the engagement. The episode discusses the Duggars beliefs ab…



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  • Brenna Graham 4 years ago

    Saving your kiss for your wedding day is fine, but if it’s really what both people want then why the need for a chaperone?

  • Vacinytus 4 years ago

    Hand sex. So much hand rubbing, I feel dirty.

  • Kimberly Robertson 4 years ago

    Everybody’s different. If they believe in having a chaperone, they can. I love u guys!

  • Chrissy Carmichael 4 years ago

    its like their hands are having sex

  • julieteddybear971 4 years ago

    I absolutely love Amy, I’m so much like her.

  • Nukke Bums 4 years ago

    Meh, I’m only watching this in pure curiosity. I’m not religious or anything, I’m just curious on how this family functions. To me, in my personal opinion, it’s like they’re restricted to such a small world. They can only do this and can only do that, they’re following orders and not exploring. Though if that’s how they like it, so be it. I’m more of a person that want to explore this big world and see what it has to offer.

  • smileygirly0127 4 years ago

    The Chaperones are there to make sure nothing bad happens

  • lollie87 4 years ago

    wow! I can see there is one person here in particular that has a lot of opinions, rude opinions…….I don’t follow the same rules as the Duggers do, but I have been brought up in a way where I accept people for who they are and their decisions. If they choose to wait to kiss and have sex till they are married then that is their choice not their parents.

  • StaceyTheFLE 4 years ago

    I don’t know why you’re surprised. Of course they have a problem. That’s the point of reality TV. It’s to laugh at and insult people that are extremely different in any way. People get enjoyment out of it. I’m here out of curiosity for what they believe is pure dating, and even though I also practice the same religion as them, I can still disagree with some of their views.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    They are not wanting to save that kiss for their wedding day – they have been told since the day they were born that they will not kiss before their wedding day. There is a big difference. Imaging not being able to even make that decision for yourself? Totally bizaar.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    Apparently not.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    I’m sorry that you haven’t had the chance to learn, have critical thinking and be your own person. My best thoughts go out to you that you find a way out of this religious control in your life.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    The duggars are not freaks exactly, but they do put women’s rights back 100 years. The scary part is the “control” issues Jim Bob has.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    It was Okay for Jim Bob and Michelle to kiss before marriage, but not their children. I guess they had problems controlling themselves.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    Yes, but our lifestyle is “bad” in their eyes. They don’t have any faith in their children being able to control themselves and not get pregnant, so they don’t let anyone near their children in a social setting, school, or even church. They run their own church now and invite familes that they approve of to attend.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    They side hug, because they don’t want a penis or breast to touch another person, through their clothing. They are very hands off people – not cuddly and warm.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    It really is too bad the duggars did not prepare Josh to have enough self control to behave himself and be a gentlemen without having someone there to make sure he controls himself.

    He is very much like is Dad and has found someone he can control.

  • Quilty Girl 4 years ago

    Because it is funny to watch and pick out all the silly things that they believe that have long ago been proven by science to be stone age thinking.

  • Caeru78 4 years ago

    Ok, I sort get the logic behind the side-hugging when it comes to strangers and non-family, but why are they side-hugging family members?

  • musicgirl792 4 years ago

    Good point. Honestly, I think the whole chaperone thing would drive me insane. To each their own, but still.

  • Lauren Jean 4 years ago

    They’re not freaks. They just do it differently is all. Granted, it’s far different than what most of us would do, doesn’t make it bad. Having complete and total faith in your children to not run off and get knocked up is a GOOD thing.

  • ByeStender 4 years ago

    THis is not a family, it’s a school. LOL

  • Martinect 4 years ago


  • John Smith 4 years ago

    5:34 to 5:53 Obviously Michelle tells them not to kiss until their wedding day and JimBob is sitting in total agreement. The ideas of not kissing before marriage and chaperones came from somewhere. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from the children directly. The parents are clearly are expecting the Josh and Anna to follow these guidelines even though they ARE adults. However, JimBob and Michelle sure didn’t adhere to these rules and they turned out just fine.

  • snoko2 4 years ago

    He didn’t expect Josh to wait untill marriage, that was his own choise, and Anna’s ofcourse. It was also their own choise to date with chaperones with them. They really wanted to safe their first kiss for their marriage so with the chaperones with them they make sure they wouldn’t do things they later would regret.

  • TrustPraylove 4 years ago

    I’m waiting for my wedding day for my first kiss because i feel like i should and it makes your wedding day alot more special. I agree with alot of the duggars believe because I’m a christian too but no christian is perfect

  • goduxunike 4 years ago

    Well, not all people who believe in God saves the kiss for the day of the marriage, so I think that’s not the issue. Is more about religion, that’s why there are so many different: people change God’s rules as they like… Oh well.

  • Martin Brag 4 years ago

    wow saving the kiss because of some dumb religon.. when will people realize that god dosent exist. it’s so tragic how dumb they are…..

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    I love when cousin Amy puts JimBob on the spot about kissing. All he can do is laugh nervously and walk away. However, he expects his 20 year old son to wait till marriage to kiss.  Another example how he is controlling and also a hypocrite.

  • goduxunike 4 years ago

    It makes me sad that cousin Amy isn’t as funny anymore…

  • PEACHES1576 4 years ago

    When they’re talking about kissing it looks like jim bob is showing off and josh and Anna are like hahaha yeah… Funny… Fake laughing

  • Ally Miller 4 years ago

    wow. they were really skinny here lol

  • Maybelline Yap 4 years ago

    Grandpa duggar looked so 🙁 after he invited Anna in and got cast aside.

  • nanay3000 4 years ago

    I really see your point. Just because they live different than the rest of americans dosen’t mean the way the majority lives is right because in all honesty, if you do research, we are bombarded with sssooooo much satanic things on a daily baises. I do not agree with the duggars on everything, but there is definetly nothing wronng with the way they live!!

  • adrianemus 4 years ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with the principle of not kissing before marriage. But then how they know if they have or don’t have compatible saliva?

  • Rep Jesus 4 years ago

    josh seems so mature…anna too. congrats to them…years later-LOL!