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17 Kids and Counting, Episode 4: Josh and his fiancé Anna travel back from Florida to the Duggar home in Arkansas where Josh's mega-sized family greets them….



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  • Leana Faith 3 years ago

    Josh: “And it’s got a back seat in it too so we can … tag along with our

  • Lynn McCharles 3 years ago

    Oh oh, Josh and Anna are holding hands. Momma and Dada missed that one. No
    holding hands remember. Oh oh, they aren’t on their own and they have
    committed and offence.

  • LillyLavine 3 years ago

    Poor Anna. She’s gotten so big since they got married & Josh just keeps
    getting her pregnant. Maybe now that they’ve moved to the city they’ll
    adapt to a more modern lifestyle. 

  • Brooke Bridgland 3 years ago

    The guy thats getting married will not let go of her hands!

  • joroma77 3 years ago

    Haha, and Jinger is the one I would trust the least. She’s a very, very
    sensual person. 

  • miranda goode 3 years ago

    17 kids how the heck kids are a gift but have ones u can take care of…..

  • Piper Lightwood 3 years ago

    who is amy?

  • Piper Lightwood 3 years ago

    whats the name of the sister at 1:07?

  • Pauline Rutherford 3 years ago

    when you don’t kiss it gives you more chances for romance and wooing. There
    is more to intimacy than kissing, holding hands, etc. My first boyfriend
    and me were nearly engaged. He wrote me poems all the time. We never so
    much as held hands. I did tell him I loved him, which I later regretted
    because I wanted my husband to be the first I said that to

  • laceypennies 3 years ago

    We’ll find out on the next episode of 31 Children and Counting: Out of the
    closet and into the frying pan

  • Diamond Badger 3 years ago

    @DarkLordRoto It’s actually Christianity…

  • mimmar3891 3 years ago

    You’re right. More people did wait back in the days before birth control,
    when a woman’s life could be ruined with no hopes for a good marriage if
    she got pregnant and the father wouldn’t marry her. (Back when marriage was
    the only prospect for a woman.) But plenty still did have premarital sex.

  • Megan Calasa 3 years ago

    Josh and Anna are so cute together thumbs up if you think so

  • cowgal jazzy 3 years ago

    My best friend has 10 kids and she may have more:o she and her hubby remind
    me alot of this family. U don’t see Christian families like this nomore and
    decent! My bro in law they have 10 kids too lol! I have 3 and that’s it.

  • TippieTips 3 years ago

    (cont’d) Now, I don’t think you should kiss any guy, I’m just saying I will
    wait until engagement at least. I just don’t think I would personally wait
    until marriage. When it comes down to it, it’s a matter of personal choice.
    I’ve seen beautiful marriages from people who waited until wedding day to
    kiss and those who didn’t. I’ve also seen bad marriages from people who
    waited until marriage day to kiss and those who didn’t. *shrugs*

  • kujiranomanko 3 years ago

    Not everyone gets married at 20 like these people do. It’s reasonable
    enough to wait if you get married very early. That’s how it was in the
    olden days. Everyone was all about wait till marriage back then. But it
    made perfect sense because people got married in their late teens. It’s not
    unreasonable to wait till that age. This is what happens when people wait
    till marriage, they end up rushing into marriage at a very early age…

  • 20DoubleJ07 3 years ago

    This whole thing must have been very awkward in front of the cameras…Gah,
    on or off camera, this whole thing is awkward.

  • Martina Solce 3 years ago

    But sex is a big thing in every relationship…

  • The Oracle 3 years ago

    dude they just wanna hump!!!

  • Kayla Gibson 3 years ago

    Also, I wonder if they fantasize about their ‘first hug’ or something xD

  • lapetkovich 3 years ago

    i’d be the rebellious one in the family

  • AmelieBrooks 3 years ago

    *lol* however some people might say this is cute and sweet … I would not
    ever have been thinkin of it but saving your virginity until marriage is
    personal choice and ok BUT saving a simple kiss ? No way !! If both never
    had Sex fine they wont know anything else *lol* and like it XD … but not
    kissing ? not even a tiny peck ?! … what if at the moment they kiss first
    time they realise “oh thats not what it suposed to be” … boom
    Congratulation your married 0.o

  • kokonutbaby1 3 years ago

    I think people are so unhappy & unsuccessful in marriages cuz they rush
    into everything before marriage. If you want your marriage to mean
    something then you should make sure that other person means something to
    you. Today men do not respect women and vice versa. People use people &
    make everything about a sex act which is mostly without love involved. You
    wonder why you don’t feel in love but you can’t fall in love if you cheapen
    it by having sex b4 marriage. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Cod3Nation 3 years ago

    @poeticsongbird25 I actually understand it very well. These idiots are
    trying to present themselves in a way that is unrealistic. Sex is a huge
    part the relationship. Kissing is just minor…we aren’t living in 1890,
    its 2012 WAKE UP BITCH

  • Jeseta 3 years ago

    If they are loving and caring and a good husband then it doesn’t matter if
    they are ‘good in bed’ you might think that you need to know those things
    first but lots of people think differently.

  • Shemaiah Johnson 3 years ago

    Ginger will be a rebel!!!

  • sheepish486 3 years ago

    That guy seems like he’s holding in a boatload, and that girl seems
    terrified with a smile pasted on her face…

  • TippieTips 3 years ago

    I think kissing before marriage is perfectly okay. I’m holding off until
    I’m engaged, Lord Willing, but NOT until my wedding day. Oh, gosh, no. I am
    still saving my virginity for marriage, but not a kiss. 😛 Think about it
    this way — as a female, how terrifying would it be to have NO physical
    contact and then suddenly, in the matter of one day, all of this crazy
    physical stuff is happening to you? I’d be ridiculously overwhelmed and
    probably would not be able to handle it. O.O

  • thestarfish6393 3 years ago

    also…this explains a lot about why jim bob and michelle have so much
    sex…they are making up for A LOT of lost time haha

  • jubileehands 3 years ago

    if one of the duggar children decided to be a gay or a lesbian…obviously
    the parents would disaprove but they would love them still the same and
    would pray that God would show their children what is right.

  • Zana Cooper 3 years ago

    these kids are always saying defensively that their choices are “their”
    choices. I dont have a problem with their principles but I have a problem
    with their denial and condescention. If they are sheltered and exposed to
    one way of life and taught that departure from those principles is a sin
    then ofcourse they will individually choose to follow the rules. But even
    worse is how many of the kids think they are superior to others and more
    godly bc of thier principles.

  • cowgal jazzy 3 years ago

    What a Great Christian family , I t makes me want to be a better parent!

  • Laura Mendoza 3 years ago

    AMY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! XD

  • commonloon0 3 years ago

    These people are unreal I thought they were retarded at first but I wish my
    family was so close and supportive.