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The episode continues the prior one, Josh Gets Engaged, where Josh brings Anna to Arkansas after the engagement. The episode discusses the Duggars beliefs ab…



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  • Andrea Holguin 3 years ago

    I feel like anna hates the duggars just doing it for the tv show

  • Watch the road for f*ck’s sake!!

  • Heather Wade 3 years ago

    Nothing wrong with wanting to wait for those kind of things. :)

  • lolipop490 3 years ago

    anna loks so surprised and funny at 1:27 thumbs up if you agree

  • VanstonFAD 3 years ago

    Are Jackson and Johanna twins?

  • summer0Love 3 years ago

    poor kids

  • chloeemmadavis 3 years ago

    Jana is sooooo pretty

  • TheOrigSuperwoman 3 years ago

    They met at their annual ATI conference for homeschoolers. Also, Anna’s
    family has visited the Duggars.

  • Brittany Kennedy 3 years ago

    17 and another on the way… how do they afford it?… O o

  • sprinklefriend 3 years ago

    when i first saw this, i thought they were nuts, even though i’m a devout
    Christian. i wear jeans (gasp!) and don’t believe there’s a Biblical reason
    why you can’t kiss, although i DO believe what the Bible says about
    premarital sex. but then when i started dating, i realized that it would be
    special to have those “firsts” with the person you marry. my plan is to
    kiss once i’m engaged, sort of a “next level” that will remain exclusive.
    but that’s just my personal opinion.

  • laurenhorsedog 3 years ago

    @bmdmb1 why would you wanna marry somebody you hardly know

  • livetolovesome182 3 years ago

    cute to see them dress a alike

  • jowbowcow 3 years ago

    3:17 Haha

  • mike farkas 3 years ago

    josh is gay come on ya cant see through that ?

  • cheesecake134 3 years ago

    Most awkward proposal EVER.

  • Richie Disch 3 years ago


  • COLLOFDUTYWAW 3 years ago

    Thanks for having all those kids if I have kids they will never be able to
    retire and neither will I thanks again pls kill your self

  • imalive100 3 years ago

    @mimblefridge lol i think it’s cute!

  • lollie87 3 years ago

    I actually think it is pretty sweet they decided to save their first kiss
    for their wedding day. Though for me personally I wouldn’t save it for the
    wedding day because no matter when your first kiss is, it is still as
    special 🙂

  • pleasentone69 3 years ago

    OK I get it saving your virginity for marriage, But not even a kiss!!!! WOW

  • XxMadAboutPotterxX 3 years ago

    Cousin Amy is so funny!

  • cutiepiedev 3 years ago

    I think its hilarious how the TLC people kinda ask the kids ” do you think
    thats weird?” I’ve heard them ask them that on a couple of episodes. LOL

  • sazer123 3 years ago

    Wat the hel!!there’s ppl sending e-mails proposing on the duggars
    daughters..who the hell they think they are thats just plain rude

  • TheJdecka 3 years ago

    If you listen closely at the end of this episode you can here Josh say “iv
    made so many mistakes, i dont deserve you Anna” . Really?? what mistakes
    could he have possibly made?? Think about it…the parents really try to
    supress sexual feelings ALL THE TIME and i dont think thats right….

  • Quilty Girl 3 years ago

    They behave like 13 year olds. Brainless silly nieve young adults that have
    never had a thought or question from their own brains. They repeat
    everything their parents say without question, to determine their own life

  • peppermint23 3 years ago

    I wonder what these kids sexual development is like. Who do they have a
    crush on…?

  • slimtend 3 years ago

    My thoughts exactly! It’s special no matter when you kiss.

  • Abby Neer 3 years ago

    cast lots lol…

  • TheOrchdorksrule 3 years ago

    no if u watch 14 kids and pregnant again it’s there first tv special and
    jackson’s born in it and at the end u see that she’s pregnant again and
    that it’s gonna be a girl who ends up being johanna

  • iluvgreen23 3 years ago

    Poor puppy at the end):

  • julieteddybear971 3 years ago

    Amy is so funny

  • mimblefridge 3 years ago

    omg. this “saving your first kiss until wedding day” sounds like all indian
    parents >_<

  • slimtend 3 years ago

    This is exactly what I thought when I saw this. If you train your child
    right you don’t have to monitor them all the time. That guidance stays with

  • bmdmb1 3 years ago

    @bmdmb1 u would develop a relationship with them like no other

  • Baby Tiongco 3 years ago

    cousin amy somehow balances things out.