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17 Kids and Counting, Episode 4: Josh and his fiancé Anna travel back from Florida to the Duggar home in Arkansas where Josh's mega-sized family greets them….



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  • Haley Anderson 3 years ago

    Not first one Jim Bob and michel

  • Courtney Wilson 3 years ago

    FYI: the Duggar family are southern baptist. They are devout Christians and
    take Gods word seriously and try their very best to live their lives the
    way God intended. They are truly the modern day Noah’s family. God Bless
    them! We need more people like them! 

  • JuliehPeglegs 3 years ago

    @werebee “Rediculous” is not a word. “Ridiculous” is. He is correct.

  • madisonnicolemarrow 3 years ago

    Everyone seems too nice and perfect.. it is a bit creepy

  • LovinLIFE9419 3 years ago

    I seriously thought they were Baptist! Are you sure they are in the
    Quiverfull thing? I have a cousin who is in that and her husband’s family
    is weird. I heard that not even the men are allowed to go to college,
    unless they become a pastor or something. It’s weird and unbiblical:p

  • Hyperaktiviteten 3 years ago

    How do you know people in the past were happier? The further back in time
    you go, the more marriages were MISERABLE. Both partners just went “oh,
    welp, looks like I got some horrible hag/pig to live with for the rest of
    my life”… Then they cheated. Oh, the sanctity of the arranged, baby
    producing, pure marriage…

  • Isaac R 3 years ago

    man i have a mad crush on jana!

  • lafalexi 3 years ago

    I know right it’s like a mouth hug!

  • starrbeatlesqueen 3 years ago

    If you notice when Josh and Anna come home, Michelle greets Anna with a
    two-armed hug. The side hugging is a little creepy (especially in the video
    of Josh and Anna’s engagement; Zach Bates and his fiance Whitney and Erin
    Bates and her fiance Chad gave two armed hugs when they got engaged).

  • Jade L. 3 years ago

    jana 🙁

  • Amanda Rosebud 3 years ago

    god didn’t make gays. if you read the bible you would know that.

  • TheBjmr 3 years ago

    if you dont fuck her how do you know youll want to spend the rest of your
    life with her?

  • dixie1298 3 years ago

    saving the first kiss til marriage? that is so wierd!

  • Cernel Joson 3 years ago

    @mreaganismyhero It wasn’t at all incoherent. You said that that other
    commenter was close-minded and intolerant because he thought that
    chaperoning your adult children’s dates with their fiances to be
    ridiculous. The reason they do that is because they believe that that is
    what the Christian god wants. I’ve been told I’m going to burn for an
    eternity multiple times as if that would get me to believe it. I’ve seen
    what groups like Westboro Baptist espouse, and I’ve seen numerous people

  • JuliehPeglegs 3 years ago

    @ltlwatcher The parents already have.

  • justbecause2014 3 years ago

    John David owns his own buisness and Jessa is pursuing her buisness

  • slick willie 3 years ago

    @rudy032190 If you think they’re disgusting then don’t watch.

  • demon515 3 years ago

    I would fucking kill anybody who would try to chaperone my dates.

  • Erinjoy86 3 years ago

    “Sorry honey, you’re not good enough for me / you can’t please me, so I’m
    going to overlook all the other reasons I married you and I’ll go find
    someone else”… what the heck.

  • slick willie 3 years ago

    @werebee Occassionally someone will post a comment that is so scattered and
    random that it’s difficult to know how to respond. Congratulations! Your’s
    fits that category. But I’ll do my best to respond. I’ll skip the totally
    incoherent part about the bronze age Mid East god and go straight to the
    part about “intolerant and close minded”. Is that a problem in your life? I
    mean, when was the last time a Christian called you intolerant? I can
    honestly say that it’s never happened to me.

  • EspritPA 3 years ago

    Sorry about your luck on that one.

  • EspritPA 3 years ago

    My specific implication is that I would have had a better start in life
    rather than the lonely abusive start that I had. When I was young, many of
    us throw away kids wanted a Charles Ingalls as our father and of course
    Caroline as our mother. How we end up as adults is our decision but I think
    that having happier memories of even having a childhood would have been
    lovely. Going out into the world floundering is not pleasant but very
    common. At least my daughters had a better start!

  • HeartJonasSwift 3 years ago

    They think that Amy is so amazing…i think they should see what other
    teenagers are like….

  • marthe ringstad 3 years ago

    they have maybe a little to strange rules….xD

  • Jaci J 3 years ago

    They need a chaperone to go out and they are engaged????? Seriously! Very
    creepy and over bearing……

  • jubileehands 3 years ago

    how do you know they were miserable? Also I have seen the way modern
    society’s attitude to relationships/marriage results in ultimate
    unhappiness as most of my friends lead those kind of dating a new one every
    minute and….they’re unhappy….there’s no sense of commitment…nothing
    worth doing (such as a committed marital relationship) is always enjoyable
    all of the time, but it results in a long lasting happiness and couple’s
    say the slog was worth it. Just saying….

  • MaeLoves26andNicki 3 years ago

    hahaha thats hilarious a mouth hug :p

  • ChaseTerrier 3 years ago

    If one of the kids admitted that they were gay, I could picture the Duggar
    family will send him/her to an “sexual redirection” school to teache
    him/her to be straight. Kinda like in the movie “But I am a cheerleader”.

  • rebel4dean 3 years ago

    if you run out of breath just naming your children..they you have way too

  • carolinemorris31 3 years ago

    ok whats wrong with these… first, HE IS A FULLY GROWN ADULT! AND NOW
    ENGAGED! HE DOES NOT NEED A CHAPERONE! second, why do you have to save your
    first kiss…. for marriage!?!

  • jubileehands 3 years ago

    People in the past seemed to manage fine doing pretty much what you’ve done
    in your marriage, and they were the happier for it – much happier than with
    most couples today who have emotionally wrapped themselves in so many other
    people. I admire you for what you’ve done. Want to do the same myself for
    when I get married one day! 🙂

  • slick willie 3 years ago

    Then you would really hate me then because I go buy lots and lots of
    styrofoam every day and throw it away. Unused. And I buy it at WalMart. I
    also love to drive my gas-guzzling SUV with the baby harp seal seat covers
    and take aim on those pesky spotted owls. Throw some styrofoam in the lake
    and call it a day. I feel better. How bout you?

  • Zana Cooper 3 years ago

    what is with all the side hugging? I think the keller sisters are pretty

  • Pyramid Head 3 years ago

    I think you are just way too prudish. Remember, “live and let live”. Or was
    it “to each his or her own”? Don’t remember.

  • Thatsamistery 3 years ago

    I love this family. It’s nice to see a family with good values!

  • ourbabyluv3 3 years ago

    My hubby and I saved our first holding hands, kissing and everything
    further until we were married. Neither of us have had a better friend and
    really like not being able to compare the other with another partner. It’s
    not weird to stay pure until marriage – it’s special!

  • thephoebe275 3 years ago

    omg im confused is this the first time the duggars are meeting anna?

  • birdfreak19 3 years ago

    I’m twenty and i’ve never been kissed I haven’t decided to save my first
    kiss until my wedding and I don’t know if I will or not but especially
    after watching this I am thinking about it but, I totally agree with the
    saving sex until you get married. I do not get what the big deal is the
    children are all happy and healthy if they weren’t it would be different
    but they are much better off than most children and teens today. Also who
    cares if Josh and Anna decide to have a courtship not date

  • EvelineUK 3 years ago

    When you’re in such a huge family, and being filmed on top of that, I’d
    imagine it’s difficult to express feelings or have ideas that are going
    against the grain of what you are brought up with. I’d dread to think what
    would happen if one of the girls decided to wear trousers, or, heaven
    forbid, on of the kids is gay….

  • candyandsuger 3 years ago

    i like how they were all waiting for them to come down the road! i don’t
    think that thats very normal! glad I’m not him… and i feel really sorry
    for anyone in the family.

  • Hyperaktiviteten 3 years ago

    Okay, saving sex for marriage is a bit strange and doesn’t make sense.
    Saving your first kiss for marriage is absolutely insane. Sex is an
    important part of the relationship. You need to have sexual chemistry in a
    good relationship. By not even exploring your sexuality with your partner,
    you’re just fumbling blindly for this chemistry. What if you then marry
    each other, and realise that you have completely different sexual desires?
    This can seriously ruing the whole marriage. So stupid.

  • MRSVISHOUS2012 3 years ago

    Ummm if my family were like this i would go crazy…And if a guy didnt kiss
    me and only gave me hugs i would make him soooooooo horny until he snapped
    and his inner freak came out hehehe

  • Well said!

  • commonloon0 3 years ago

    Oh get over yourself it’s just a saying.

  • lepsychokaybird 3 years ago

    First KISS at the wedding? I would hate to be their kid.

  • poetbabe86 3 years ago

    im anxious to see which duggar will break away from the clan and become a
    stripper. fingers crossed that its jessa lol

  • GoosieMoose 3 years ago

    “and you and jesus” so it’s a personal choice on whether you should kiss
    jesus before marriage or not?

  • Maryellen ward 3 years ago

    Everybody has rude comments about this family and show. I say if you dont
    like it than dont watch it. I love this family and the show.