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Rom.Com Episode 3 of 3!


Some people are just way beyond help.

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  • badboi0717 2 years ago

    Jesus Christ dudes are babies. Women having shitty experiences on dating
    sites and the internet in general isnt like…a myth they made up to be
    mean it reportedly happens all the time. Its not some ‘feminazi plot” and
    its not male bashing for them to want these experiences to cease, or for
    media to reflect their discomfort. Grow the fuck up. If you’re not the type
    of dude who sends these gross ass messages then it shouldn’t be a problem
    for you to laugh at this. 

  • DontTellMyFriends 2 years ago

    I still get men making passes at me on online dating even though my profile
    clearly says that I’m gay. Hell I get more men contacting me than women. 

  • Scipionyxsam 2 years ago

    Make a video like that with reversed roles and the whole world cries

  • Macoutes Gabber 2 years ago

    MORE male-bashing? Gee, what a surprise.

  • K91242 2 years ago

    Fuck dating sites. It’s full of desperate and horny dudes and fake female
    accounts or real slutty female accounts. Is it really THAT hard to go out
    somewhere and strike up a conversation with someone you think is cute? No.
    Instead of being a lazy ass, go out there and meet people. At a party, at
    college, at a library, at a store, etc. We are getting lazier and lazier as
    time goes by. Sooner or later, we’d be sitting at home 24/7 with our eyes
    glued to our computers and that is a sad thought

  • Yote Coyote 2 years ago

    I’ve never been on a dating site before. I find myself intimidated by it.

    You see, on the internet, you can post whatever the hell you want, and
    practically get away with no punishment. People act, and speak differently
    over the internet for enjoyment. And then you have people of bother gender,
    that are tricked by fake accounts for financial purposes, most primarily
    blackmailing for money. The Anonymity is what drives me away the most. So I
    only trust real life relationships… If I will ever have one. (I don’t
    live in a city, or a heavily populated area, I live quite the opposite).

    Other than that, this somewhat funny video proves the point.

  • Rensune 2 years ago

    Men care about Looks, Personality , AND if they’re smart, if a she cooks
    well and picks up after herself.

    Women want Career, Money, And Plans On TOP of Looks, Personality, and being
    Handy (once again, only if they’re smart).

    Men Want someone to be with, most (Western) women want another Daddy.

  • MGTOW_69 2 years ago

    Many people see a MGTOW in my name and think “Oh he must be for males and
    males only, blegh,” However, this “problem (for lack of a better term) is
    because guys are pussy-hungry as fuck on these sites and just want a fuck
    buddy. I mean, the dudes are desperate. And it’s very “disappointing,” to
    say the least. Do you really expect them to be chivalrous dream-men?

  • Jorge Ramirez 2 years ago

    I wrote a huge diatribe about how I hate the guys commenting on this video.
    Then I deleted it because nothing I say means anything so….fuck

  • Rensune 2 years ago

    Also, considering the lack of Cues text based messaging infers, they can
    think she’s joking.

  • Josh O'Brien 2 years ago

    Complaining about desperate assholes on online dating is like going into a
    broken down shack where homeless people make soup from boots and heroin and
    complaining that it isn’t organic.
    Of course people on dating sites are desperate assholes! That’s /why/
    they’re on dating sites!

  • Matthew Hurlbut 2 years ago

    Basically all she had to type to get rid of him was “I’m a guy” and she
    would have won right away. 

  • Wodinn 2 years ago

    Sad but true, and I’m on half of these piece of shit dating sites. Let me
    clarify, it’s not always the site, that’s the piece of shit. It’s the
    people that use them. And then guys like me, are made to look bad because
    of tall of the Pelfies, yes bitches. That’s fucking penis selfie.

  • Nunya Bizniz 2 years ago

    Of course this video would bring feminazis in droves. Let’s add a little
    perspective to what’s going on here.

    If you want to blame anyone for the modern day male’s view towards modern
    day women, blame feminazis. Since they’ve entered the scene they’ve turned
    women’s image into inconsiderate, freeloading or completely asinine
    babymakers. And they contribute to this problem in multiple ways.

    1.) Women were the teacher of virtues, morals and social etiquette for the
    whole family back then. Not any more! Being independent and exerting their
    rights is more important. lol

    2.) Mothers raising their sons to be feminists fail to realize that they
    are destroying their sons psychologically. The men eventually grow up to
    hate women, especially feminists and feminazis, because they were taught
    that they were the cause of war and other venomous bullshit. Then all those
    lessons that caused them to hate themselves turned into hatred towards both
    sexes when they grew up and realized it was all discriminatory propaganda.
    The discrimination made them hate themselves before they even got out into
    the world and now they see women as cum dumpsters. Good job.

    3.) Feminazis hurt their own movement by spewing most of the retardedly
    nonfactual propaganda in the history of debate. Even the *real* feminists
    are embarrassed and/or disgusted even remotely being associated with them
    due to them not only antagonizing men but snapping at women who are not
    doing male-dominant jobs. What does that tell men?? It tells them women are
    more capable than ever of completely ruining the lives of everyone around

    4.) The strength of the feminist movement affected the justice system in a
    way that a female nowadays has a much higher chance of claiming ownership
    of their children and successfully filing a rape charge against men. They
    can also claim alot of a guy’s shit through divorce without really doing
    anything. More reasons for men to not get into relationships.

    A man can be a nice thing to have in your life, but if you are going to
    treat him like shit all you’ll ever get is shit. Have a nice day.

  • Josh schnieder 2 years ago

    this video is dumb not funny not useful not informative just plain and
    utterly pointless. feminists make me sick there like fat girls calling the
    skinny girls sluts . and if you cant take alot of guys messaging you then
    get the fuck off the internet pretty simple. And were all losers were
    righting comments to a youtube video wow i remember the days when people
    would hangout and talk about pointless shit not try to live online. You
    want to do away with school shootings and such just delete online
    dating,messengers,and all social networking sites problem solved. 

  • imtheonlysane1here 2 years ago

    For the record, every girl who’s messaged me on the dating websites sends
    about the same message, generally something like “Hey, what’s up?” Like,
    how the hell am I expected to reply to that? So it’s not just the guys who
    act like this.

  • Kiefer McGinty 2 years ago

    I enjoyed this series. Funny stuff.
    Though that kind of woman they made the fake thing for is the kind of
    person I had to live with one time, and they bring out the sociopath in

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    This proves that online dating, for men at least, is pointless. I spent
    huge amounts of time examining profiles and writing detailed and unique
    messages to women. One factor, men outnumber women significantly on these
    things. Two, many of the female profiles are actually fake. Three, women
    get asked out all the time, why would they bother with a website? What are
    the chances that a woman will find your message buried in the garbage and
    also like you back? Online dating is a scam.

  • Billy James 2 years ago

    I just thought of an idea that anyone who has ever heard of an online
    dating site can use if their currently in a relationship.
    1: Have you and your partner make an account.
    2: message your partner.
    3: Use the dating site to date your actual partner over the internet.

  • chopaface 2 years ago

    men are idiots lol!!!

  • GenBloodLust 2 years ago

    Now was this skit based off the study that the lady did or was the actual
    study based off this skit any body know?

  • Mason Storm 2 years ago

    Hey hot red head I’m Peter I’m actually trying to legally change it to
    Peter Hardigan but like that mother fucker we put in the white house wont
    let me because of Obamacare or something stupid but what ever I do what I
    want! Dick pic anyone camera adds 10 lbs.

  • macsnafu 2 years ago

    Hey, this was a good one, with an important point, even if it seems
    obvious. But the turning point didn’t quite work for me. Exactly why did
    she change her mind?

  • Alex H. 2 years ago

    This series was hilarious and, reading the comments, I’m astonished by how
    many guys were offended by it! It’s not feminist propaganda, it’s satire.
    It’s just a joke that points a spotlight at very real experiences women
    have on dating sites.

  • PlacidDirge 2 years ago

    It both frightens & saddens me that a good chuck of this joke actually
    happens in real life.

  • Kyle Welsh 2 years ago

    “Farting on homeless people when they’re asleep” LMAO

  • william lytle 2 years ago

    does anybody else think that the dragon woman looks like suzanne collins
    from Civ Beyond Earth?

  • Jei Johnson 2 years ago

    Good skit. So… What exactly were the 16 things we ignore? Lol.

  • RPG Maker Games 2 years ago

    This ACTUALLY happened! A journalist used her model-friend’s pictures,
    tried to be as repulsive as possible, and she still got 1,000’s of messages
    a day! She even talked about pulling your teeth out! XD

  • ryacus 2 years ago

    Didn’t she lose when she logged off the fake account and on to hers?

  • Irina Tavera 2 years ago

    Cracked really did this and this video is exactly what happened. It was
    pretty sad and depressing. Visit their website and you can see the article
    explaining the details. 

  • Duryism 2 years ago

    “A riot of dicks.” Using that one!

  • Epic Otaku Cherry 2 years ago

    Sheesh, that Alex guy’s voice. They picked him because of his voice, didn’t
    they? **Melt**

  • The Computent 2 years ago

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with online dating, I don’t get whats
    going on here. Is the LGBT online dating scene just better?

  • Jett Rink 2 years ago

    They are making MORE ROM.COM! Like…right now. Woo hoo!

  • Danic C. 2 years ago

    2:22 Were there a human being that was like this, and I knew his direction,
    I would personally find and kill that piece of shit.

  • dropUrPeaches 2 years ago

    I love her “Boooo!” XD Let’s face it: Intelligent, sweet, good men and
    women (for the most part) don’t need online profiles to get a date.

  • Diditallforthexp 2 years ago

    6:06 Treebeard would love this joke.

  • Jared Lancaster 2 years ago

    looks like they set up a *puts on sunglasses* Deadpool YEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Disco Discord 2 years ago

    The proper term for a bunch of Dick pic is a Cornicockia of dicks

  • Violet von Tesla 2 years ago

    Srry this is accurate. Women can be shallow too, true, but when it comes to
    dating sites this is so true.

  • Neo moor 2 years ago

    ah finally someone says whom

  • bbenisb ben 2 years ago


  • Lusty Wench 2 years ago

    Chapstick can be used to help start a fire, so yes it should be part of
    your robot overlord survival kit.

  • DarthSironos 2 years ago

    Please do more episodes of you guys talking about interesting and funny
    stuff and conspiracies, I love that.

    Please stop doing these predictable, sitcom-ish, stereotypical, unfunny,
    embarassing episodes like this.
    This is basically “men are disgusting pigs” repeated for 11 minutes, it
    gets boring really fast.
    I’ve seen your other types of uploads, I know you can do a lot better.

  • boby joe 2 years ago

    what in the fuck