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Tips to online dating. I have had years of first hand experiences. (eh!…



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  • Keisha P 3 years ago

    Great video..I gave up on online dating…just wasn‘t meeting the right
    type of men.

  • bill nolan 3 years ago

    I enjoyed your insights!

  • Raymond Malcuit Jr. 3 years ago

    To All The Men And Women Who Had Tried Online Dating Or Who Wants To Try,
    Never Bring Your Credit Cards Or Your ATM Cards And Try To Be Careful With
    Meeting Strangers From Online Sites. 

  • TheTallMan35 3 years ago

    Another thing to watch out for is when you recieve a message from someone
    who hasn’t even viewed your profile or messages from Africa (particularly
    Ghana), chances are it’s a scammer. Do what I do. Tell them that you are
    sending your home phone number to them, and instead give them the local
    number to the FBI. That ought to bring their brains to a screeching halt!

  • Lauren easley 3 years ago

    @CrazyStupidLuv6 on twitter for advice on wooing it guy

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    “Men’s movement?” How about a human movement? A movement for human
    equality. I agree that some feminists go too far but conservative men who
    are sexist chauvinist pigs are no better. I take advice from women on how
    to understand them. A woman knows how women think. Men only know what they
    believe women think.

  • gullig85 3 years ago

    thank you for your advice..

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    of course lol. Online dating is just a different avenue to meet people.
    Doesn’t mean I or anyone else avoid meeting people in person.

  • LeiaAlexis 3 years ago

    Good advice ! Since writing this ive actually started dating someone 7
    years older then me…its nothing serious at the moment but who knows ! 🙂

  • keithlamontbraggs 3 years ago

    I rather meet a woman at a movie because it is a place where there are
    crowds therefore she will feel more comfortable with me. I also don’t like
    trying to be real talkitive because women feel awkward in quiet moments and
    are overly critical on first dates whenever you judge a guys intire
    personallity by one awkward moment without giving the guy or yourselves a
    realistic chance at actually getting to know each other.

  • akanicolerocks711 3 years ago

    hey girl, great video, you seem like an awesome person – hope you met

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    I think you need to speak to him…cause if he is genuinely interested, he
    wouldn’t feel a need to continue searching on that site.

  • Badgurlbeauty 3 years ago

    @SheSingsLovely those are especially. i feel those want sex or want to see
    how gullible you are.

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    @lilyrose4038 I’m not an expert, but the simpilest way to tell, in my
    opinion, is that he makes an effort. He makes an effort to call and talk,
    he makes an effort to get to know more about you, and he makes an effort to
    spend time on you. If he is pursuing you, he is interested. If you feel you
    are doing all the work and trying to pull things out of him then he’s
    probably not that into you. There are special cases, such as if a guy is
    shy, but at some point he should pursue you.

  • Yoshi more 3 years ago

    what do u think about plenty of fish?

  • LeiaAlexis 3 years ago

    Ive always been so relucant to do online dating. Ive tried for a year now
    to go out and meet people with no success and tried online dating for a few
    months and every man that showed me interest were middle aged, bald men or
    guys my age (20’s) who are complete bums in society. I dont know where the
    nice men are out there but they certainly arent in England 🙁 Looks like my
    plans of meeting someone young has gone completely up the shitter.

  • LADYV065 3 years ago

    Thanks! Great advice. I’m thinking about trying online dating. If I do,
    I’ll keep your tips in mind… 🙂

  • swimmerinstinct 3 years ago

    pretty good tips you got here. I’ve been on the scene for some time, for me
    its another source for meeting women and thats why its gone well for me, I
    dont have personal obstacles about meeting women. I think descriptions
    about youself and your interests and all that should be kept to a minimum,
    it should never take speeches or fancy poems to get someone interested, and
    1 on 1 convos with the person will take u way further than reading their

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    Well if you meet them in person after a few chats then that shouldn’t be
    the case.

  • MightyBostonAccent 3 years ago

    Fantastic! I know I can come off as a dick, but I like seeing people in
    love and happy.

  • Angryp0stman 3 years ago

    @taul2k7 lol It’s probably to avoid stuff like “Hi, I’m a 47 year old woman
    from Kenya.”

  • Missy McCarthy 3 years ago

    Excellent tips. I’ve been doing online dating for some time now and have
    made some mistakes. I wish that I’d watched your video before I got
    started. This was very helpful.

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    Trust me….women read. Some days we get a lot, other days we don’t…but
    yes, we read them.

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    @FlorDeLor I’ve may tons of nice guys! A couple I dated, and some I kept as
    friends (especially 2 comes to mind). I think what makes online dating run
    smoothly is having both people being very mature…knowing when it’s just a
    friendship, more or nothing at all. But yes, I have met truly nice guys on
    there…and some jerks too lol

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t say *most* are fake but some can be. Skype and real time photos
    help. Also, meeting the person before you get too emotionally involved is

  • Logan Braveheart 3 years ago

    by taking ya ass outside and looking at them! And get off the internet
    chatting all damn day.

  • SheSingsLovely 3 years ago

    Thanks…I stretched it with twists. It will shrink as soon as I wet it
    lol. Tight coils are a blessing and a curse lol. I’m off to watch your BC

  • lilyrose4038 3 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for the info it helped a lot. But is there any tips on how
    to tell if he is interested in you well online dating. I have been chatting
    with a man for about a month and half and he is charming, sensitive, funny,
    and out going, but I am not sure if he finds me interesting. I don’t want
    to be to forward but have been very curious. He has mentioned that I am
    intriguing and that he enjoys chatting with me. So if you have any tips I
    would appreciate it.