Added by on August 30, 2013 Want to take a girl on a second but have no idea where to take her? Here's a list of second date ideas…



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  • Dylan Sorenson 4 years ago

    it’s good

  • ytgv3fc7 4 years ago

    w w w . puatraining . com/blog/surprisingly-good-second-date-ideas
    google matched it

  • bossmonkeykj 4 years ago

    I agree, I do appreciate the good advice, but the use of the girls is awkward. it’s just a constant reminder that they’re purely there as objectified eye candy, since they’re sitting there doing absolutely nothing. I mean – they’re girls, they’re exactly what the conversation is about. Why not prod them for a bit of input?

  • WhitexicanTV 4 years ago

    Am I the only one that notice that the two girls in the video hate each other

  • River Brigham 4 years ago

    I was in love with a girl that worked in my neighborhood for about 2 years, but I had a hard time working up the courage to flirt with her every time she would visit my work whenever she had break. I was pretty sure she would turn me down, I’m not one of those pick-up gurus or anything like that. My first date with her is tomorrow night. Want to know how I achieved this? check out the link I have posted on my channel and you’ll see what I mean.

  • kidink0djillwill 4 years ago

    I love this dudeXD

  • Arturo Fernandez 4 years ago

    Wao… Did you see their faces? lol they are loocking at each other like if they hate each other jajajjaja

  • Mita Saha 4 years ago

    Good idea, how did you realize this works? When I discovered Simple Gained Girlfriends I become completely confident with women, it’s a life changer so try it out on Google.

  • Mattia Camossi 4 years ago

    Hey, I just met this new girl witch i really like and after going out two nights with her I really think she likes me too… (she smiles at me etc…) but there are two problems… How can I be sure she likes me and her friends are always with her and so I never find a right place or time to kiss her and tell her i like her… What should i do?

  • harbar3000 4 years ago

    The “link below” does not work.

  • wreagfe 4 years ago

    It’s all marketing dude; maybe he’s insecure about the content. What would any hired girl add other than obscure the content. 😉

  • wreagfe 4 years ago

    It’s all marketing dude; maybe he’s insecure about the content. What would any hired girl add other than obscure the content. 😉

  • duelinthis 4 years ago


  • Dare Angel 4 years ago

    the girls look bored as hell

  • farbod ahmaripour 4 years ago

    whats the role of these girls in the video?

  • PUA Training 4 years ago

    lol, yes.

  • PUA Training 4 years ago

    Nah it’s cool, go for it, as long as she knows you like her. As a 2nd or 3rd date, definitely very cool.

  • Artus Uroda 4 years ago

    Poor lassie, she is bored like hell… give her something to do… Rubik’s cube or crosswords…. or give her a comb she could comb her hair during your speech… 😉

    …any way, interesting tips… especially smoking shisha with a girl, that could be cool experience…;-)

  • Atarien6 4 years ago

    Hot girls in video = massive social proof.

  • The Social Stigma 4 years ago

    The girl on the left is cute- she smiles and responds appropriate, aiding in any points made.

    The girl on the right just seems stuck-up. She knows she’s in the foreground and she’s trying her best to look nonchalant and desirable, but it comes off very bitchy.

    Really, though, you should interact with them. Ask them questions, their opinion, see if they agree or not, or have them give anecdotal examples to aid your points. 🙂

  • raans91 4 years ago

    How do you rate mini-golf around the evening time? 

  • realisoph 4 years ago

    Look at how cute and smiley I am. Cheeese.

    Oh, yeay, let’s play roulette and I’ll be James Bond. Oh, boy, I’d be bored to death, too.

  • Bigg Diack 4 years ago

    I like your style is very artistic and unique !

  • Phataku 4 years ago

    They must be from the same batch of clones that Robert Palmer used in his videos.

  • meetasheep 4 years ago

    i am a dance teacher myself, so instead of initing one teaching her a bit myself would be a good thing or not?
    or would that put me in a difficult position where she´s not seeing me as a date on that date anymore?

  • Hamed Zf 4 years ago

    Its not awkward its just makes you jealous ;D

  • Gregory Magarshak 4 years ago

    Here’s another idea … invite the girls to record a video with you behind a bowl of apples 🙂

  • AndreasIreland 4 years ago

    The girls look so bored, just sitting there quiet and not doing anything, hmmm

  • Dougie G 4 years ago

    It’s always fun trying to read the girl’s minds in these videos.

  • Naor Gershon 4 years ago

    The right one looks pist off… Anyway, great videos!

  • shahan koul 4 years ago

    Very nice, very nice I will use all this advice… How much the girl in red cost?
    I mean I am photograph for a well known fashion magazine.

  • narcissusdark 4 years ago

    agreed, having the girls makes the vids stand out, and i love the arty direction in this videos too, makes it look really classic… i do suggest something though and thats to allow the girls to speak, give their opinion and stuff, enforce it and stuff 🙂

  • Sam Davies 4 years ago

    I actually find cooking together to be one of my favourite day 2’s. The act of preparring the food and eating together really creates a memory for the two of you.

  • tobo86 4 years ago

    I’m confused, are those girls waxworks?

  • ryno2085 4 years ago

    I think you should just make videos as you see fit, you have great taste in girls and anyone who complains about them being there should have a look at the mirror and finally they’ll realise why it is they haven’t yet accomplished the same things. Your videos are great, ignore the negativity in the comments 🙂

  • Wakil Hakimzaade 4 years ago

    hes an idiot
    but could u make them like blow some kisses our direction please 🙂

  • MegaSinasappel 4 years ago

    the girls are allright, but make them less…”mechanical”. blow some life in them 🙂

  • Stuart Jones 4 years ago

    I did like the advice. I just found the girl in front of you distracting. turning her head and the blur on the left of the screen

  • bioschlock 4 years ago

    The girls are the goal. Surrounded by beautiful women is a good subconscious frame.

  • PUA Training 4 years ago

    lol I like how it looks, maybe I’m getting too arty 😉

  • ThisizPrince 4 years ago

    they look bored.

  • Gin xq 4 years ago

    if you can make the two girls talk in the video, it’s gonna be very sexy

  • panos pavlopoulos 4 years ago

    i like the left girl, she smiles alot 🙂

  • Ryan Droege 4 years ago

    Great advice, Richard. Love the videos. Don’t listen to people hating on the models. I like them they definitely add visual interest. I do see where they’re coming from though. If they are just standing there it sometimes does come off a bit awkward, but in this one you’re sitting down relaxing so it’s not at all. You also may be able to appease the haters by including the girls in the conversation a bit? Like let them comment on things you’re saying and such. I love these though. Keep it up!

  • Stuart Jones 4 years ago

    oh hey i’m gambler im sat far away hidden behind a laptop, a bowl of apples and another girl who doesnt speak and blurs the camera….but its ok i like the girls in the video :/

  • KingThorin 4 years ago

    I don’t think it’s ever awkward to use hot girls in your videos, if anything it is boosting views. maybe just interact with them a little more

  • Honeycat Mc 4 years ago

    coz they sit there like dumb ass brainless bitches! ’nuff said..