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Sorry the video is up late! Youtube was under maintenance pretty much all day and it wouldn't allow me to upload!…



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  • Justin Maxx 4 years ago

    i would love you to cover a specific topic, could you message me when you get a chance! Thank you!!

  • Jack Stache 4 years ago

    NOOOPE today is saturday :3

  • Justin Lebron 4 years ago

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  • gina maharjan 4 years ago

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  • seerbiaa 4 years ago

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  • BELSEBUUB1488 4 years ago

    Tip No 11 # Always keep at least an 8-Ball of meth on hand gays love meth

  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    Listen you faggot go away

  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    reccommended for Netanyahoo.

  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    reccommended for Netanyahoo.

  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    seriously man quit bud. 

  • Curt Robinson 4 years ago


  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    You follow me everywhere I go. Its kind of wierd. Everywhere.

  • Christian Franchise 4 years ago

    I dont even kind of get turned on by guys man.

  • jose rodriguez 4 years ago


  • Constantinos A. Christou 4 years ago

    Sexy xxx

  • alex Lawson 4 years ago

    i need sum love help 

  • Beba Bebica 4 years ago

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  • blueboyblue 4 years ago

    To Daters –

    Remember this –

    It is one thing to give yourself away, but quite another to throw yourself away.

    Respect yourself and your body.

  • KaIanari 4 years ago

    I feel like its easier to talk and get along with another boy maybe cause I’m shy

  • Rigel Napa 4 years ago

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  • xLxMxAxOx 4 years ago

    I don’t like tip #7 ;p

  • Kiba5Pizzaria 4 years ago

    Okay blackartifact go jump off a cliff or something….

  • blackartifact 4 years ago

    Be straight to be good because if you are not you are evil

  • Warning from HEAVEN 4 years ago

    Almightywind Ministery End Times Prophecy 118 from GOD Almighty YAHUVEH : ” Homosexuality is sin! World, for this abomination you shall drink of the Boiling Black Blood Plague! This disease has been incubating in those who are homosexuals and lesbians, this disease has been waiting for MY timing to come forth. You who make excuses for the homosexuals, I’ve given you time to repent… “

  • Scott Hamilton 4 years ago

    Did any1 see the penis drawings lol

  • DeJion Andrews 4 years ago

    ummmmm, these arent gay dating tips….
    these are people dating tips lol. so true in ANY relationship you’re in

  • 9cloudersprofile 4 years ago

    Lol faggot@!

  • TheDerawanaku 4 years ago


  • seth heitkamp 4 years ago

    am i the only person to notice two penises and a vagina on the poster behind him?

  • Dat Vu 4 years ago

    lesbians r gay too lol

  • Kjelly Lund 4 years ago

    Who goes around spreading irrational nonsense in videos where the topic is something completely different? Go to an mental hospital with your imaginary friends, and not bother people who is looking for real love with real people. And the only sin here is your ignorance.

  • Aeorocks13 4 years ago


  • Koolaidxdino 4 years ago

    I’m a sexy bitch?  yayayayyaay!

  • rainbowrose4ever 4 years ago

    no, i just love rainbows and rose is my last name.

  • classic287 4 years ago

    Good advise. Make it hot, make it raunchy, whew, don’t talk like that, whew. Like they say “stop it, I like it”….

  • stephoneadams2012 4 years ago

    A Facebook whore lol so true

  • stephoneadams2012 4 years ago

    I like this

  • Far4rmNormal1 4 years ago

    yeahhhhhh tip number one is a tough one for me

  • 452ginger 4 years ago

    Tip number 11… avoid microwave radiation as it stops you learning how to not get rejected and it makes you more depressed about everything. Hire a high frequency radiation meter and take precautions to minimise exposure. Avoid driving past nearby masts and avoid gay venues with high radiation levels.

  • CemeteryRape 4 years ago

    your really hot 🙂

  • Mars H 4 years ago

    Guilty of #5…

  • lorialph 4 years ago

    Expecting to reach perfect sexual compatibility on the first night is just unrealistic*

  • lorialph 4 years ago

    So you meet this amazing, really nice guy and you dump him just cuz you didn’t like him the first time in bed. Well, that’s a bit sad. You know sex is based on mutual understanding and communication. Perhaps he didn’t like you either the first time. Everyone likes different things. Perhaps you should just show him the way you like to do things, and he could do the same with you. Expecting to reach perfect sexual compatibility is just unrealistic. Don’t you think?

  • sesu846 4 years ago

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