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Video 3 of 10 short videos I'm putting up to celebrate 10-10-10!! Like this video? Comment below and send a thumbs up my way! ­čÖé And don't forget to subscrib…



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  • Tom Jackson 4 years ago

    Chris´╗┐ is a lucky guy

  • nblue47 4 years ago

    best date ideas for guys´╗┐ are from girls ­čśÇ thanks

  • Oscar Funes 4 years ago

    I’m a guy´╗┐ and I think these ideas are pretty cool.

  • Sreedhar chedulla 4 years ago

    These video clips are wonderful. I had been so confused watching my good friend move from being lame to a ladies man. He started attracting chicks over night. He pretended he didn’t notice.´╗┐ He then explained it to me when he was drunk on Bourbon. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He’s dating a sexy chick…

  • nadia ilmb 4 years ago

    Is there any video explaining how Rachh and Chris met? Somebody please´╗┐ tell me.

  • MissPeytonJuhnke 4 years ago

    October 10th is my´╗┐ birthday

  • Kenny Phillips 4 years ago

    Thats awsome i dont know how i stummbled upon this video!! maybe because i was to take my gf on a date *blush*´╗┐ youtube insparation…… tell chris i say hi. I still remember how he would freak us all out by making his head twitch!

  • Ronald Regan 4 years ago

    -_- this shit blows!´╗┐

  • mrskaylina 4 years ago

    Hey gentlemen. A quick share. My cousin was doing this system to get his current woman. Every guy should watch and learn this stuff before approaching any lady for success. I just started using it too.´╗┐ View the free video. Blew my mind. Just enter GetYourGirl then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually do what you learn asap.

  • shadowsghost2 4 years ago

    I´╗┐ am a guy.. not girl

  • Beauty305ful 4 years ago

    i totally like the picnic idea! :3

  • syngar99 4 years ago

    maybe some people dont think board games are fun kiddo´╗┐

  • Coadred024 4 years ago

    at 0:44´╗┐ she flips you off.

  • bob pickel 4 years ago

    subscribe her!!! she is amazing!!!´╗┐

  • FruTron 4 years ago

    Chris sounds awesome. Put him in one of´╗┐ the videos. Topless.

  • 623phoenix1 4 years ago

    no´╗┐ cares about cris

  • FrenchyKidda 4 years ago

    CRAIG´╗┐ is my new hero!

  • LoveBliss 4 years ago

    thank you´╗┐ =D

  • EllCEx 4 years ago

    Mini PUTT. I think it’s like crazy golf.´╗┐ ­čÖé

  • LoveBliss 4 years ago

    the first´╗┐ idea is mini pets?

  • HeyItsPoiple 4 years ago

    My top 3 are amusement parks, picnics in the old treehouse (especially when it’s raining because a mist comes in and you hear the rain on the roof), and once in awhile, my bf and I used to rent a fancy suite in a hotel room near home for´╗┐ a few nights just for the hell of it ­čÖé

  • Georgeqaws 4 years ago

    wow!!!! there are still pretty girls in the world that like to cook. very rare´╗┐ these days

  • jadenbk1 4 years ago

    i´╗┐ love you

  • Marissa Huber 4 years ago

    the whole time i was like” oh ya .. shes canadian: ) ” .. like me´╗┐ : )

  • Brandon Morales 4 years ago

    lol´╗┐ this lady is a genius!

  • mariekitu 4 years ago

    I loved it !´╗┐

  • mariekitu 4 years ago

    You’re sad… If you don’t enjoy playing board games with someone you share your life with (provided you have the slightest idea what it is all about), then it may mean you don’t like them.
    Doesn’t the idea sadden you ?
    I bet you’re mad you can’t enjoy these simple activities and are just wondering how they´╗┐ do…

  • joel sherstan 4 years ago

    wow this´╗┐ is garbage

  • fireoflivinghell1025 4 years ago

    Thankyou so much for the ideas! I’m going to be creative´╗┐ and add a few extra things to the boardgames and kite flying.:)

  • fireoflivinghell1025 4 years ago

    Wow, that is freaking rude!!!! Boardgames could be fun; make a wager if you win you get something if they win they get something. Please watch ur language, it’s rude, offensive and makes you seem highly´╗┐ uneducated.

  • LizziesAnswers 4 years ago

    You seem SOO in love with him, from this video & SOO happy!!´╗┐

  • blackspade88 4 years ago

    you seem likea fake cunt i signed in just to tell you that. those are the most obviouse ideas so unoriginal. do us all a favor and menstrate until you die. boardgames´╗┐ suck

  • wacey2002 4 years ago

    when me and my girlfriend were just dating, i went to the store and just got a small loaf of bread, a couple of cokes, and i went and picked her up. we have a river that runs through town and i took her to a spot that had a table near the river and we drank coke and fed the ducks the bread and´╗┐ just talked and that was the´╗┐ first night i got a kiss from her and to this day she says that was the best´╗┐ date she ever had. and girls will tell you that the best dates are the most unique ones

  • Phil Case 4 years ago

    dude´╗┐ wtf is wrong with u

  • mcfarland2011IHsd4l6 4 years ago

    Online Asian women for dating ´╗┐

  • Kelly Roman 4 years ago

    i´╗┐ always feel so welcomed on your videos , you always say hello pretty girls (:

  • christieyerby 4 years ago

    CANDY LAND!!!´╗┐

  • GirlsAskGuys 4 years ago

    Some great ideas! I think it really depends´╗┐ on the type of people you are:
    Athletic? Snorkeling, hiking, roller blading!
    Culture? Concerts, film fest, poetry reading.
    Social butterflies? Cook out, house party, volunteering.
    Artsy? Cooking class, drawing class, graffiti class!

    Dates should be fun and relaxing!

  • Michael Brulotte 4 years ago

    Try to get your date designed for´╗┐ you. More romance, less work. :p

  • cleberinthearea 4 years ago

    That’s not nice…lol´╗┐

  • ibergirl 4 years ago

    nigger, going for blacks is´╗┐ for desperate people.

  • cleberinthearea 4 years ago

    I can see you like black cock like every white woman in´╗┐ this country….You could go fuck a black dude like me and have your husband watch it…That’s a good date!