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These are some of the weirdest and out of the ordinary dating sites on the web.
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There is a saying that says that there is someone for everyone out there. While that may or may not be true, the Internet has certainly helped people in finding their mate. Dating websites have become some of the busiest realms of the Internet. With how busy society is today, going out to bars and hoping to meet someone is a thing of the past thanks to dating sites. All you need is a photo of yourself, time to type out your bio, and these websites will do the work for you in finding your next mate. But what if you’re different from everyone else around you AND online? Where can you go to find someone who shares your likes and interests without being made to feel weird? Well, the Internet has once again pulled through for millions of romantic hopefuls who are looking for something extra special.
First of all, there’s SeaCaptainDate dot com. If you have ever looked to the sea and felt at home, and wanted to share your life with someone who is also in love with the sea, this website is for you. Or, perhaps you yearn for the past and thought that the mullet was the hottest hair trend to ever be bestowed upon the world. For that, there is Mullet Passions dot com, which will match you to the mullet lover of your dreams. No longer will you have to deal with people who live in the present. But instead, live for the yesteryears of the eighties.
Or maybe you yearn for a simpler lifestyle that doesn’t include electricity or electronics, cars, makeup, hairstyles, modern medicine, and more. If you have been trying to get into the Amish lifestyle, there is Amish Dating dot com. It’s a bit bizarre that this particular site exists, given how the Amish feel about modern technology. But given that marriage is a staple of their culture, we suppose taking any sort of measures to tie the knot is okay.
If you’re a lover of heavy metal, there is Metal Dating dot com, where you can find your special someone to share the mosh pit with. Or if you’re one of those people who isn’t afraid of clowns, there’s Clown Dating dot com. If you’re a hardcore fan of the Star Trek franchise, also known as a Trekkie, we know that finding someone to date, let alone tie the knot with, can be exceptionally challenging. So, some genius decided to create Trekkie Dating dot com to help solve that issue.
Then we have some weirder dating sites such as Vampire Passions dot com, which is rather interesting since vampires are more mythological creatures than human beings. Maybe these people are more into the culture and Anne Rice books than the actual practice of sucking blood. If vampires aren’t your thing, then there is also Zombie Passions dot com, which actually seems cooler than it sounds. There are people out there who enjoy acting like zombies, and you can find a fellow walker to lock lips with, granted if they don’t bite.
Finally, if you’re into furry animals or regressing back to being a baby, there is Furry Mates dot com and Diaper Mates dot com. On those sites, we have no comment.
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  • Hikaru Kimaru 2 years ago

    *Waiting for the furry hating comments*

    Ahhhhh the goodness

  • Mustang Gaming 2 years ago

    What the fuq did I just watch?

  • BootyRockingEverywhere 2 years ago

    I’m dying to say something about the furry one but everyone has their thing

  • BranckaD.LP 2 years ago

    It’s so punny I am gonna die

  • Steampunk Juggernaught [Active] 2 years ago

    I love how everyone is calling this stuff “Werid” or “Odd”. Most of these
    sites are people who have Fantasies or something they have a Fetish to I
    guess. But in the Society we have today it doesn’t suprise me that a bunch
    of these assholes are in the comments, then again, it is the Internet.

  • Dogoholic 2 years ago

    I’m a furry ^^

  • alixinthemiddle 2 years ago

    is it weird that i thought the weirdest one was the sailor site?

  • TheG4m3Explorer 2 years ago

    I’m a Furry. Und a Brony. Und after all these years I still do not
    understand what the big problem is und why everyone ist acting so childish
    about it instead of having a normal, adult conversation, or discussion
    about the topic.

  • Dashed 2 years ago

    How can i even respond to all these dating things.
    Plainly amazed

  • MrFaceeatingcancer 2 years ago

    metalhead , oh snap i am so going there right now to find the
    woman of my dreams :D

  • Mike Garcia 2 years ago

  • Nova Palmer 2 years ago

    As a furry I find this offensive. And I hate Hikaru Kimaru.

  • Ivan Resendiz 2 years ago

    Amish dating site?? How can any Amish get on it if they don’t have

  • GlokmahGaming 2 years ago

    if you see this you will not click on my name.
    im watching!

  • Carol Manyen 2 years ago

    I can finally find my Amish partner!

  • TheRichest 2 years ago
  • Plankie The Night Guard 2 years ago

    Thoose puns thou! XD

  • Kalie Goulet 2 years ago

    The shade in this oh my

  • PanDaL0v3r11 2 years ago

    How do Amish people get on that website w/o electricity?

  • Andre Krumins 2 years ago

    HAHA amish paridice refrences

  • Zellafy 2 years ago

    Some if these weren’t even weird

  • Devlin F 2 years ago

    Is . . . that . . . the Stig?! 2:41

  • Aaron Brown 2 years ago

    The furry one… Harsh…

  • Nexplosion RotMG 2 years ago

    When the furry fandom goes too far.

    Like who the hell wants to kiss a Anthromorphic wolf?

    Oh, 20k people are subbed to /r/yiff. Shit.

  • SuperThunderBolt2™ 2 years ago

    I also unsubscribed.

  • Kenny McCormmick 2 years ago

    the puns

  • Pikachamig 2 years ago

  • dave foulenfont 2 years ago

    How does the Amish one work?

  • FurryMate FurryDating 2 years ago

    FurryMate is not weird at all! We are the most unique Dating Site :)

  • Blazing Fire 2 years ago

    The. hearth cant handle them. ….

  • SuperThunderBolt2™ 2 years ago

    God, you anti-furries are all the same. Furrymate is NOT “bizzare”. Just
    because it is a dating site for furries it is immediately bizzare? That is
    so offensive. They are just trying to date someone. As a matter of fact I
    seem to recall that most of the furries on SoFurry hate you for this. I
    will report it.

  • aliroseart 2 years ago

    The Amish dating site doesn’t make any sense! The Amish don’t use computers
    so how can anyone on that site get matched with an Amish person? So
    confused XD