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The struggle is over, here are 10 first date ideas for teenagers! If you're a guy or girl looking for first date tips, this advice will help you create an un…



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  • The Josh Speaks 3 years ago

    *10 Amazing First Date Ideas for Teenagers*

    After doing some research, I’ve gathered the 10 most amazing types of dates
    you could go on. If you’re looking to wow someone on day one, here are my
    suggestions for what you need to do.

    The struggle is over, here are 10 first date ideas for teenagers! If you’re
    a guy or girl looking for first date tips, this advice will help you create
    an unforgettable first date experience.

    Have you ever been on an awesome first date? Have any ideas?

    #firstdate #firstdateadvice #firstdatetipsformen

  • soljafurkan 3 years ago

    So i live in nyc, a good spot to go to would be central park or the
    botanical gardens ypur sayingm i would want to go to a place like that but
    how would we work out the trasit to get there cabs are expensive and i only
    have my permit. Do you think the train would be a bad idea. Can someone
    help me out please lol im stuck.

  • Andrew Paez 3 years ago

    11th person to comment

  • Dennis Kuis 3 years ago

    I met this girl a couple of daya ago, and i think she’s beautiful, and i
    would ask her to go for a walk, but there is this pretty nice forest and
    park next to my house, but not as close to hers, does it matter? Also were
    both 15, i talked to her once on a school trip and had a few long
    conversations with friends nearby, and i texted her alot yesterday, could i
    ask her to go out for a walk with me, or grab a drink in the city? 

  • holden clark 3 years ago

    If a girl sends me this on Facebook then does she like me??

    Something I’ve always wanted to tell you…you’re a great guy and I’m
    surprised that you haven’t had a girlfriend. You’re funny, sweet, and

  • Luis Diaz 3 years ago

    Hey josh I like a girl and she likes me but im to shy to ask her out what
    do I do?

  • VacuumCape2776 3 years ago

    ya know a liked this so much i made freaking notes on this to show how much
    i actually like her

  • TheGamingAdict 3 years ago

    Thanks buddy but I’m not planning on asking anyone out yet but I have a lot
    of fit friends so I will probably need the advice soon but thanks again

  • amespinoza411 3 years ago

    Thank you this helped me out alot now i have a great idea

  • Torin O'Neill 3 years ago

    The cinema

  • jo2305 3 years ago

    I think having a first date at a local lunch restaurant is a good idea,
    because lunch is casual and cheap. Plus it’s still daytime afterwards so
    you can go for a walk. Anyone else agree? This is basically my go-to first

  • Kevin Mendes 3 years ago

    Hey josh… I kind of need help. So there is this girl in my school. She
    passes by me everyday and I really to get to know her. So everyday she
    passes me at my bus stop to get to hers and that’s when I figure it would
    be a good time to say hi… But then my friends just come by before her and
    ruin everything by taunting her and all that before I can say I. The point
    is how can I find the right time time to say to a girl and get my friends
    to stop intervening. Btw I’m in 8th grade. So I’m yea please 

  • Marcial Guerrero 3 years ago

    Josh how do you get your crush when you are new in the school and haves
    never talked to her

  • Santiago Alejandre 3 years ago

    Is a mall good?

  • SuperEman32 3 years ago


  • Pmurray Murray 3 years ago

    thanks man but my first date we went to my place and it was filled with
    people around a fire like hobos

  • Fiq Cena 3 years ago

    Awesome video
    But havent yet .hahahaha
    Jk jk

  • TheGamingAdict 3 years ago

    I was wandering if you could maybe make a video on asking your best friend

  • TheGamingAdict 3 years ago

    I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you josh every video you make
    helps me a lot so thank you for that! I’m going to give your channel a
    shout out on twitter!

  • That one guy 3 years ago

    Hey josh… I kinda need help so there’s a girl I like I guess we’re
    friends but she doesn’t really know what I’m good at, I want her to notice
    my sports ability but I don’t want to turn into a jock, do you have any
    advice if so could you help me out 

  • Voxel 3 years ago

    can you make a video about having a Tinder date? I have 1 girl on there
    that i talk with everyday and we have a great time and we make each other
    smile, she lives about 50 km away so i;d like to ask her out for a drink
    and maybe a movie after but how can i do this the best way?

    love your video’s! and thank you.

  • Michael Krenek 3 years ago

    You deserve more subscribers

  • Kong Thao 3 years ago

    My last comment in this video said “Dont”

  • Kong Thao 3 years ago

    Dot forget josh! Im still in ya channel!!!! So when I have a problem imma
    be commenting alot (sometimes) in ya video! 😛 so yea always read ya
    comments! 🙂 

  • Kong Thao 3 years ago

    Yo josh!!!! This is very important!!! But josh is this the most stupid
    thing a guy could do?!?! —
    I have like a crush on this girl but never ask out out– like i had a crush
    on this girl 4-5 years but never ask her out is that the most stupid thing
    a men can do!!??!? Be honest josh! Im seriously josh be honest! Not trying
    to be mean but thinking about this wanna make me kill myself! So plz answer