Added by on November 13, 2014 To attract women, you must understand what it is they want. ALL Women want an Alpha Male. Here is a list of 10 very important…



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  • NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus 3 years ago

    Ear rings and hairless chest. Very manly..?

  • Sandra Aguinaldo 3 years ago

    Hey guys good day, Recently I have just finished reading “The Tao of Badass” which is also known as “Tao System” created by Joshua Pellicer. Its very nice..

  • ken mitchell 3 years ago

    Big ups to u Flash! Its thoughtful of U to do your part and share your
    knowlege regardless of the lame ass mfs that dont know shit criticizing
    what they r totally ignorant of. Do your thing homie!

  • snillocgrom 3 years ago

    why do all these guys in all these alpha males videos talk with their
    hands? I don’t get it. it’s annoying and not attractive to me at all. 

  • ElectricWizard454 3 years ago

    This is bullshit; just because you act alpha does not mesn women will want

  • AstroPopo 3 years ago

    *How to be a douche bag

  • MrEzMs 3 years ago

    basically be yourself

  • arc1342 3 years ago

    advice 1. wear a watch that fits your wrist
    advice 2. dont shave your chest
    advice 3. shave that pussy licker under your lips

  • Henry Kissinger 3 years ago


  • JAkub MIĘŚNIE 3 years ago

    Yes you can. But not in a single week. And not after single advice such as
    “be confident”.

  • cdh8525 3 years ago

    Haha the only way you could know that is if you watch gay porn.

  • TheColonialKickass 3 years ago

    I think my dick went inside my body and became a vagina after watching this
    guy with earnings give me advice on being alpha.

  • DeVianThaI 3 years ago

    Alpha male dresses up as a bat at night and beats the shit out of criminals.

  • waddupy yeutch 3 years ago

    A real alpha male would never chase women, instead, women chase him

  • Tyler Vallely 3 years ago

    his hairline though hahaha

  • Barry White 3 years ago

    Cheers bro:)

  • Henry Kissinger 3 years ago

    True, I’ve dated those chicks. They’re horrible people on the inside. I’ve
    always said if I ever have a daughter like that, I’ll put her out on the
    street. Obama can take care of her.

  • Julio Criollo 3 years ago

    Jay Z – Big Pimpin

  • waddupy yeutch 3 years ago

    thats true dude

  • SDPuller 3 years ago

    being alpha is the best. you just feel like the shit haha

  • Steve S 3 years ago

    If the name “Flash” is already taken who should I be? Maybe, “Lightning” or
    “Thunder.” I was even thinking, “Thunder Thor” for a little Euro flare.

  • seanlichild 3 years ago

    Isnt self assurance the same as confidence? How do feel they differ? Thanks

  • D. A. Seville 3 years ago

    I didn’t think anyone else noticed the watch that doesn’t fit. LOL Great
    list of 4 ! Go Adam!

  • D. A. Seville 3 years ago

    If you have to watch this guy to develop an alpha male traits, you’re out
    of luck. Just go for a run, hit the gym, eat right and don’t be a couch
    potato and you’re on the right track. Forget the fake, “big pimpin” B/S
    that’s portrayed here. It’s plastic. Cheap. Hokey. Thanks for listening.
    Now forget everything you heard on this video and put down the controller
    and get your run on… Get out there!

  • Sierra 3 years ago

    Thanks bro very good tips

  • Fluffi Fluffsson 3 years ago

    I am an alpha hermaphrodite

  • kerchak clayton 3 years ago

    @David Kirby Betafag

  • Adamsaccount 3 years ago

    How to be Alpha – according to this video 1. Tweeze eyebrows 2. Wear a
    watch that doesn’t fit 3. Gay fake jewelery, studs. rings 4. AND MOST
    IMPORTANT – Soul Patch

  • seamac206 3 years ago

    1:54 lol how would that go? You: Do you suck dick or do anal? Girl: HELL
    NO! You: BYE BITCH!

  • TheBoyJay91 3 years ago

    this is very true !!!

  • Mashed Potato 3 years ago

    Wise words, mate. I find it pathetic when people fake it all.. you can do
    it for 1h, 1day… but you cannot fake it whole life. If you don’t have the
    draw talent into you – you’ll never be an artist. Simple. That guy is a
    complete laugh.. if I was a woman and he was the last man alive my answer
    still would be no. Dresses like a douchebag, talks like a douchebag.

  • barneyisawesome7 3 years ago

    lol look at your name -_-