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You're invited to get my private insider dating tips. Click Here: *** There's a fatal mistake people make when planning a f…



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  • Ess Hazel 3 years ago

    But but but do we let him win at bowling or actually kick his ass? 

  • Haley Smith 3 years ago

    But the real question is.. is Matthew a Hussey.. 

  • TheHollyPhase 3 years ago

    Such a great idea. I’m kinda subtly blunt though, if there is such a thing.
    If there is no chemistry…and I mean no hope in hell, even if they feel
    otherwise then I tell them straight up, but I did clear my schedule for the
    date so I still ask them if they’d like to hit mini putt or something fun
    just treating them like an aquaintance, pay my own way through, have some
    laughs even awkward ones and we’d part ways knowing we both can handle the
    dating game and still come out on top even if we didn’t romantically click.

    Don’t get me wrong, if he’s a total creeper or a whacko, the excuses roll
    off the tongue like meltin butter. Lol. I panicked one time and after
    pushin away from his groping for the umpteenth time I said “Ooh dang, gotta
    go, those gas prices won’t stay reasonable past ten.” Gawd lol

  • Noémie Nsanga 3 years ago

    MATT, my dear faithful friend who never lets me down: please make a video
    about how to manage dating several men at the same time. I met someone else
    yesterday in a club, spent all night long dancing with him, the man was
    more my type physically than the one I dated on Friday but I don’t know
    much about him. I was both flattered and turned off as he tried to kiss me
    many times & wanted to bring me at his place. I don’t trust cute strangers.
    (cf. Ted Bundy! lool!) So we took the taxi together, he paid for my fare
    and I went back home alone without being intimate in any way with him. I
    kinda want to be loyal towards the other man I went on date with on Friday.
    I want to get to know them both, see how it goes and make my choice later
    if necessary. The 2nd guy asked me out today for a promenade in a parc.
    Sweet! I said no (recovering from my busy weekend U know) but offered to
    meet next week for a coffee. If he does care, we will meet. Well I just
    want to take my time, no rush and find someone to share great moments and
    have an amazing relationship with.

  • May Sal 3 years ago

    Has anyone ever gotten a response from him YouTube?

  • daniela c 3 years ago

    there should be a channel like this for guys too…

  • Letícia Vasquez 3 years ago

    Sounds way more fun than a boring dinner!

  • writerspen010 3 years ago

    That’s actually pretty brilliant. However, I would consider the #1 problem
    is this stupid current trend my generation has of refusing to label dates
    dates, lest you appear over-anxious. So, as the result you go out with
    these people not knowing until you’re about halfway through the evening if
    it’s really a date or not. It’s terrible.

  • TheInevitableSloth 3 years ago

    1rst compartement is drinks, 2nd is bowling…whats the 3rd? bring him back
    to your apartment? did i miss something?

  • Melody Myers 3 years ago

    Thank you Matthew! So… like.. where is your girlfriend? 🙂 Jusssst

  • silviamckenzie 3 years ago

    Great advice!

  • Elisabeth Eros 3 years ago

    This is soooooooooooooo smart. Definitely doing to do it. I love your
    videos btw. Super helpful

  • OriginalOboeHobo 3 years ago

    “There’s a bowling alley around the corner. Are you, are you good? I’m
    gonna kick your ass. Let’s go bowling.”

    Haha if anyone said that to me, it would immediately accept that challenge!
    Sounds like a perfect first date to me!

  • This makes so much sense! Fantastically smart too 

  • Tegesti Teclesenbet 3 years ago

    I have a problem when I meet guys and there is an instant attraction I’m
    short with words or I worry about other friends not wanting us to start
    dating and even friends who r in relationships will even compete for
    attention of the guy so it depletes my efforts of even to try to go for it
    because I’m afraid of having difficult consequences with the friends I
    hangout with. And I really don’t feel comfortable flirting around friends I
    feel that there watching me to gossip about me later plus I get nervous and
    Don’t know what to say and this scenario has happened countless times. Do u
    have any advice for me.

  • Adele Sutton 3 years ago

    Haha in the case with my boyfriend atm, our first date had 4 components…
    Well maybe 5 actually. Started out with meeting up and deciding what we’d
    do. Travelled on public transport to an area of the city where there was a
    bowling alley/bar and restaurants, all the while chatting. Then decided to
    get lunch at a place he suggested. But I love good food so couldn’t resist!
    And then he paid for my meal when I went to the bathroom. Then we went
    bowling, then we travelled to a different part of the city and bought movie
    tickets for a movie we wanted to see but there was a while to wait so we
    went exploring around the area and found a restaurant we wanted to go. Not
    enough time to go before the movie so after the movie we went there. Then
    It was late so he walked me to my car, and then we hung out in my car for a
    while lol. It was like 5 dates in 1! Definitely a good sign I reckon!

  • janebeatty2010 3 years ago

    Having been on a first date dinner from hell, this advice is awesome.

  • Cecilia I Williams 3 years ago

    I truly loved these tips and I’ve always been adamant about never
    committing to dinner as a first date but suggesting meeting for coffee, tea
    or a drink and then taking it from there without the expectation of what’s

  • Anna Shorina 3 years ago

    cool ideas

  • Alicia M 3 years ago

    Jesus, You are godsend! thanks for saving me an awkward night Matthew!
    This channel is so helpful, i´m never unsubscribing, well, maybe when i
    get married, maybe! hahha
    i´m jk, i´m your audience for life, you earned it :)

  • Leila Khan 3 years ago

    See these videos are wicked!!!

  • lafif sanaa 3 years ago

    that really cool thanks Matt we can’t wait for the next 🙂 

  • Jane Le 3 years ago

    I’m not dating with anyone, but I’m here to see Matthew, he’s charming. I
    can sit all day to hear he says. 

  • Nessie 3 years ago

    Brilliant idea if you don’t know him well enough. I got stuck having to
    sit in the whole dinner with a man who seem to be looking for a replacement
    mum rather than an actual partner. After that i vow not to go on a date
    with a guy until i’m certain there could be something instead of a means
    to find out if there will be something. plus I want a guy to put a lot of
    thought on a date with me. Then I know he wants to impress me. I want him
    to value it. I hate dating

  • Julia Gustafsson 3 years ago

    On what email can I ask you questions?

  • Sarah Monroy 3 years ago

    If only men and woman could read each others minds to know what they really
    want, need. 

  • nirolle1 3 years ago

    Love it! Really great common sense strategy for a first date.

  • reflections509 3 years ago

    simple and effective, thank you.

  • NV1596165 3 years ago

    As always great vid Matthew! Though I wish you would’ve given an example of
    what can happen in the 3rd segment of the date if it’s going well. It’s
    self-explanatory I guess but people new to the dating world would
    appreciate that I think. Thanks for the tips and love you lots!

  • alexis young 3 years ago

    This is a great tip! 

  • mademoisellecm1 3 years ago

    Great tips. This might just inspire me to begin dating again. …and I
    will kick that booty! Thanks again.

  • Kate James 3 years ago

    Thank you so much! I’m going on a first date tomorrow and I feel much more
    prepared! I hope this strategy works :)

  • Irene Stetska 3 years ago

    This is such a genius idea. I never thought of it this way. Awesome and
    makes so much sense. Not that I need to date anybody 🙂 (I’m already
    married). But at least I’ll know what piece of advice to give to my
    children when they grow up. Thanks, Mathew.

  • Diana Urgiles 3 years ago

    Great video Matt ! I’ll see you next year 🙂 

  • Papajsko 3 years ago

    so the third compartment is someones bed right ? 😉 well thats a real
    graduation haha

  • Kimberlaanton 3 years ago

    Loved this