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  • Michelle Surakhanova 4 years ago

    Wow you are hilarious. Love the sarcasm!

  • falloutgrl4fob 4 years ago

    So trueeee. Wow i am goin thru the same situation. I am seriously taking your great advice. Thanks hog

  • alizandra lopez 4 years ago

    “calm down bitch”

  • TheTrinityp 4 years ago

    Calm down bitch.!! *burp*

  • zippers50 4 years ago

    CALM DOWN BITCH!!!!! hahahahahaa lol ur funny

  • lizisback12 4 years ago

    3:33 haha Lmao “Girls like to play detective. Hmm today he called me at 7:05.” So true and made me laugh.. 🙂 🙂

  • cheerios4canaries 4 years ago

    are those burps real lol? good advice AGAIN 🙂

  • sakeena17 4 years ago

    OMG!! okay her story is similar to whats happening to me right now. Im going to go with your words 🙂 thanks!!

  • Alyssa Alexandru 4 years ago

    Lol soooo true! Girls DO read into petty things like that! Haha

  • 1955stefanie 4 years ago

    @NAOMI455 hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Eidolin 4 years ago

    @NAOMI455  Lol!!! i know!

  • hishimsham 4 years ago


  • icisprincess09 4 years ago

    lmao……..too funny

  • lily le 4 years ago

    lol! hm today he called me at 7:05 but yesterday he called me at 7:04! THAT MUST MEAN HE LIKES ME ONE MINUTE LESS!! NOOOOOOO! lol

  • designlover88 4 years ago

    ahahaaaaaaaa soo hilarious!!

  • Nenendude 4 years ago

    Great advice.

  • kaatOx 4 years ago

    your so funny :L

  • opinks 4 years ago

    ok? i listen to you.. but u are way too funny!

  • 9088Nadia 4 years ago

    LOL calm down bitch!! lol jokes!!

  • kelly kehoe 4 years ago

    Lol that guy is funny haha come down Bitch

  • Vivien Lee 4 years ago

    i agree! this guy is fogging you. if he has even some feelings for you, you should have known him well enough to give trust to him and know what kind of person he is.

  • lilmissmady123 4 years ago


  • Moshimagik7 4 years ago

    Oh dear god, i’ve done stuff like that Lmao XD

  • spectrumfrequency 4 years ago

    dude you are way out funny and have totally valuable insights into guys minds and girls views. Thanks a bunch

  • dreamer23469 4 years ago

    lol this guy is FUNNY

  • hilanne0088 4 years ago

    This is so funny! haha, Calm down Bitch!

  • punchdrunky 4 years ago

    im seeing more comments these days…cool.

  • verybored11 4 years ago

    ur fukkin awesome dude. lol

  • hogwild 4 years ago

    It’s your imagination! I buzzed it a few weeks ago.

    It’s a tip for girls because I answer whoever writes to me! Right now I’m mostly getting questions from girls. Dudes need to step up and start throwing me questions!

  • Cri354 4 years ago

    is it me or ur hair is getting shorter in each vid :))
    lol those rugby players are realy dumb ppls 😀 its not healthy to smash ur head 😀
    u can get realy bad brain injuries and at the age of 50(if they survive till then) ur gonna be like a vegetable 😐
    FooTball is better 😀
    anyway nice tip 😀 but again a women tip hmmm….

  • narj64 4 years ago

    omg! he did cut his hair

  • Jonasbrothersfan313 4 years ago

    “come down bitch”