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  • teaandwhimsy 4 years ago

    I did “The Rules”. I met my future husband. I married him 30 days after I met him. We’ve been together five years and still going strong. The rules are not deceptive. You wouldn’t go to a job interview in your pajamas. Don’t go on dates and give it all away, upfront. It’s called self-preservation. I’ve broken rules too. That’s when the relationship I was in, went down hill and ended in breaking up. Save yourselves some heartache and do “The Rules”. My daughters will be doing them, later in life.

  • qittatun charlie 4 years ago

    I love the rules

  • Topangadas 4 years ago

    I am a virgo and yes, we got issues… Love “The Rules” and like this video very much. Good luck.

  • Melinda Zsuzsa 4 years ago

    you are super intelligent 🙂

  • Andy Born 4 years ago

    Marriage hurts men and you cunts will be the weak pathetic beta males you crave and deserve.

  • kendrika caldwell 4 years ago

    aye kute hair go check out my video on YouTube Kendrick caldwell drama in the house(:

  • rinku here 4 years ago

    boys move on these bitches or rules girls are not worth our time just move on if she play games

  • WhatMichelleLikes101 4 years ago

    True, but thats obvious in a imperfect world. Maybe the book is trying to help women avoid SOME of the obstacles that come along with relationships and finding a spouse, its not trying to map out the way to a perfect relationship..but just to avoid some of the extra bs that comes along with the journey, thats a more realistic way of looking at it & I’m sure that was the authors’ intentions.

  • nognilk 4 years ago

    The Rules is a women’s how to guide to not getting hurt and finding a husband at the same time.
    But the truth is, everybody is going to get hurt, men are scared of getting hurt, women are petrified of getting hurt. Finding a spouse requires getting hurt and she or he will be worth it.

  • WhatMichelleLikes101 4 years ago

    This is true, because when I was being “lazy” in my previous relationship and never showing interest the guy quickly lost feelings for me and eventually wanted to move on, so that part doesn’t work. Like Taren said, guys believe actions over words or whatever, if they see theres no interaction they are NOT going to chase you 24/7, they WILL leave. So maybe its best to mix the modern women with the traditional women and kind of go from there..

  • toniapx 4 years ago

    its not so much “the chase” but its the challenge! All men are addicted to sports—(work with this much). And yes, women need to keep doing what they were doing before they met the guy… keep a life! Thumbs up…

  • toniapx 4 years ago

    …but appreciates the challenge. Keep it real

  • Kaitlyn Jones 4 years ago

    Im Da Rules

  • madchemist5926 4 years ago

    It’s gotten to the point where some people (I say people, and not just women for a reason) aren’t even able to react properly to someone that shows genuine interest in them. They think when you say “I would like to take you on a date” that it’s some kind of mindgame. “What did he REALLY mean by that?”, nothing can be taken at face value anymore. Luckily there are still women out there that don’t buy into this bullshit, and are able to just be genuine. It’s a rare quality, but it can be found.

  • madchemist5926 4 years ago

    This is manipulative as hell. Books like this are the reason there are so many fake people running around in this country, and probably why the divorce rate is so high. People get into relationships without knowing who the other person really is, because either one or both of the people are playing mindgames and trying to be someone they’re not. What happened to just being honest about your intentions? “Hey you’re cute, I would like to get to know you better”. Instead we beat around the bush.

  • Rachel Zamstein 4 years ago

    You are so cute. Omigosh. “There are certain things that I want and that I’m entitled to have!” hehe. Im a Virgo Libra. I knew you were a virgo. <3 xo

  • FiveEighteenBlog 4 years ago

    Taren i couldnt agree more ! Great review! I loved this book as well but its been a hard sell to my single girlfriends because of thebtitle , it sounds manipulative, but its wonderful and ur right its about self esteem, and bottom line it works, think of all the guys we do this to naturally cuz were not interested, they cant stop chasing us!

  • Sunil Rao 4 years ago

    Like the hair doo girly !

  • Belinda N 4 years ago


  • jeremy precel 4 years ago

    men hate the chase.

  • Dorrzo 4 years ago

    This video is so stupid.
    Girls : If you want to manipulate a man, and make him your boy this is for you.
    Guys: if this book is reminding you of someone special you know; find a new girl, then dump her.

  • Belinda N 4 years ago

    From what I’ve gathered from this book so far – Just don’t be too available to be reached through all these avenues at any time of the day. Guys like the chase and like to know that you have a life and are busy.

  • iam1inamil 4 years ago

    my experiance fom 2 differant women is that a guy has to be wary of the fact that ,a guy is being conspired against by not only just one woman ,but her whole group she is hanging out with…they sit around in the “sink tank” mode figuring out how to manipulate

  • bowersrose 4 years ago

    Loved your take on the book;)

  • ColonelKucemeken 4 years ago

    yeah man if im fuckin a chick and shes just layin there.. its like.. if i wanted to fuck a corpse id be at the mortuary.. bend over and back that ass up… give me something to push back on… damn…

  • lav20050 4 years ago

    What if the guy like you but he is shy and lost his confidence .Shouldn’t the woman then take the lead??

  • sweetpyramidgirl 4 years ago

    how about texting when he is at work? what about facebooking?skype?

  • sweetpyramidgirl 4 years ago

    maybe i shoulf go ahead and read the other books i ordered along with the rules,etc…written by steve harvey like act like a lady think like a man.but should i listen to the female authors or men?cause men might not share every secret rule only those that benefit them?!or?

  • sweetpyramidgirl 4 years ago

    lol to the comments that women become bitter and arrogant.

  • brooksybeee 4 years ago

    I absolutely loved the review , and find the comments left a bit baffling. Then as usual the comments contain profanity, are disrespectful, and badly written. You tell me who should I listen to women who encourage respect and good self esteem? Or some guy who thinks I don’t deserve a paid for meal? We RulesGirls have no time for miserly, uncompromising, low-lifes.

  • ffsdffsd1 4 years ago

    “don’t return calls, end up the call first …” blah blah

    this is exactly the type of woman I wouldn’t go on a second date with!
    you’re more than these superficial acts.
    maybe it’s my taste. after all mating is all a matter of taste.
    I know LOTS of MEN share my opinion.
    in my experience, women who get used to these “attitudes”, are not “feminine” and appear as “acting”.
    if you’re a woman and your date thinks less of you because you don’t end up the call first… forget him and find another guy!

  • 58016428 4 years ago

    “All The Rules”: The complete guide to becoming a bitter and eternally single and arrogant bitch!

  • Sunil Rao 4 years ago

    Common sense…you don’t have to be a magician.

  • Ben Duvall 4 years ago

    Do you really believe this crap? Because a woman asked a man out, she is always going to be wondering if he really loves her? Flip that around and see if it’s still true. You’re right, there are some helpful tips in The Rules. But mostly, it’s manipulative and turns guys off. It’s for insecure women, which I can tell you are, because you’ve covered your otherwise beautiful face in a bunch of awful makeup. Love yourself; throw The Rules in the trash.

  • silvandmartis 4 years ago

    how about fucking tell them we men cant read minds. dont waist ur fucking time
    girls takin advice from ather girls is the most stipid thing you can do

  • tron martin 4 years ago

    Equality is not about manipulating men and playing “The Equality card” and the “traditional female card” When it is convenient and to gain an advantage over men. Equality is about being EQUAL PARTNERS with men. That means there are RESPONSIBILITIES that come with that. It means that nobody is responsible for your bill unless they CHOOSE to be. It means that men AND women BOTH have the same options with respect to paying on dates. Men are grown ups and do not expect free dinners or drinks, etc.

  • tron martin 4 years ago

    When women go on a date and it comes time to pay they have numerous options:
    1) do nothing and let him pay
    2) offer to pay half
    3) offer to pay all
    4)offer to pay the tip

    Some Women give these options to men:
    1) pay everything
    Growing up, women always have said that men are entitled and they have more options than women. Women (when it comes to shelling out money) feel they are entitled to more options than men and should get a free dinner. Women need to decide what “equal partners” means.