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Where to Take Your Girlfriend on a Date | Great First Date Ideas! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT VIDEOS! ☆ PIN ME :] ▻ …



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  • Danny Rijks 4 years ago

    nice one i’m 5’9 weighting a 185 pounds but i don’t do mma and such i just go to the gym

  • Danny Rijks 4 years ago

    just go skating believe me, it doesn’t matter if you can or can’t do it. it’s procedure fall,stand,fall,stand, hot coco

  • coolvshot 4 years ago

    I’ve read some of the feedback. I believe that this is a first-rate clip. My cousin simply wishes to become incredible with gals. He learned alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help in relation to attracting chicks through nightclubs in those emails via that website gave got him his 1st lays in over 4 yrs. I became pissed however coz I heard them all. Grrrr.

  • kentemana 4 years ago

    Opening a dating video w/ call of duty? no…

  • Asela Balasooriya 4 years ago

    I want to learn how to get laid. My buddy has begun going out with a 10 basically because 2 months ago he signed up to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I’m so jealous because I want to just fall in love as well. I’m gonna look into this Jake Ayres man’s stuff. Odd thing is, my friend once had NO success with girls.

  • igotsmoshedify 4 years ago

    *sigh* i miss the old youtube format…

  • cyber pup 4 years ago

    could someone please come and check out my channel i do minecraft videos, happy wheels videos and soon ill be getting an HDPVR to record some black opps 2 😀 i dont have many subs but i put a lot of work and effort into my videos please come and check out my channel. thanx

  • MultiPocketBOY 4 years ago

    My first date was the movies a scary one so when she was scared she would hold me and after that we went to a carnival I won her a bear and later that night we where on the Farris wheel and I tipped the dude so he can make us stay longer and up higher

  • alyssa collazo 4 years ago

    thank u so much this is great help 🙂

  • alexis short 4 years ago

    Well I am a girl and I like this guy but I don’t know how to get his attention…we are friends but not like best friends and he is moving soon any advice?

  • MrHaro654 4 years ago

    I took my date to the movies for a first date

  • RoandAnnaVlogs 4 years ago

    And warning I love cod me and mt bf play all the time

  • RoandAnnaVlogs 4 years ago

    Ur quite good at advise

  • Jonas Stankaitis 4 years ago

    COD lame battlefield 3 battlefield 4 BEsT

  • Andy Louie 4 years ago

    Thanks bro!

  • Chace Bradley 4 years ago


  • Justin Bieber 4 years ago

    How do you have sex?

  • Adam Riekenberg 4 years ago

    I’d rather not take advice from a cod gameplay but this guy seems ok

  • legoboy2255 4 years ago

    I knew it was a good idea to get those ice skating lessons

  • TheCrinsonChin 4 years ago

    Thanks good gameplay

  • backus1984 4 years ago

    I have a question for you. You see I’m a little curious how you got so good on being dates and stuff. Do you ask your girl friend? And one other thing I’m a girl and I love playing Call of Duty so might want to fix that. 😉

  • Austin Schneider 4 years ago

    Great tips…….. Good gameplay!

  • Folgrin 4 years ago

    Not only is this good advice, but if you fail and dont get a second date you will have some new tactics for the COD you’ll be playing instead lol

  • Shelby Gonsoulin 4 years ago

    But this video helped my little brother and his date was perfect e said btw he took her ice skating lol

  • Shelby Gonsoulin 4 years ago

    Ok my little brother (he’s 14) he came to me for dating advise to take his girlfriend out and I didn’t really want to sit down and tell about dating and blah blah blah so I went find a vid on YouTube and duh I found yours and I was watching and right when u said take her to your to help with like house stuff such as cleaning to show her your not a slob and that is 100% true there nothing worst than going to your boyfriends house or apartment and its gross its a total turn off,

  • john madanat 4 years ago

    its a good video but you didnt talk about when your a teenager and cant drive

  • Roxy1998100 4 years ago

    Would you like some ice for that burn?

  • AdrianJ4680 4 years ago

    Hey IAmDatYoungBull, I’m kinda asking for advice here. How do u want to impress the girl on the first date because I’m new to this.

  • MrAustralia1111 4 years ago

    Like a boss

  • Philip Velasquez 4 years ago

    Male version of the wing girls much

  • Charismatique2 4 years ago

    I find it ironic that he is talking about date ideas while shooting people in COD lol

  • Phil4real 4 years ago

    Why the hell is COD in the background?

  • callster2482 4 years ago

    This whole call of duty while talking thing is making me dizzy

  • MrTkachenk0 4 years ago

    taking dating advice from a virgin… not a good idea. next video

  • austin gould 4 years ago

    where do i take my gf if she kills squirrels with flash drive usb stick things?