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Watch in 720p [HD] How you must know, Candice is on this new webserie and her character is so awesome that I couldn't resist making a video about her. I hope…



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  • liz marri 4 years ago

    This movie is amazing…and also your video!<33
    Please what fonts did you used?

  • luuexantui 4 years ago

    download/torrent, just google that…

  • ElectronicHeartx 4 years ago

    i know but where did you watch it? lol. what site? because all the sites i go to either don’t work or are blocked. 🙁

  • luuexantui 4 years ago

    It’s a webserie, name is “Dating Rules From My Future Self”, season 2.

  • ElectronicHeartx 4 years ago

    where did you watch it? 😮

  • xNileyxBubblesx 4 years ago

    lol I love this show 😀

  • Katerina P 4 years ago

    I Cant be the only one thinking of “The Vampire Diaries x_x” Especially 0:40

  • Thaís anjos 4 years ago

    Candice para de ser linda!


  • kateFGMP 4 years ago

    LOL Very Funny!
    I love Candice!
    It makes me wanna watch this show…

  • BitterSweetCharlotka 4 years ago

    Great video,I loved it <3
    Candice is adorable ^^

  • luuexantui 4 years ago

    Thank you *-* Me too :/

  • SummerCherry4 4 years ago

    Amazing video! I love the show, wish it lasted longer!

  • luuexantui 4 years ago

    awn, thank you Re ♥

  • renatamello90 4 years ago

    great work Lulys
    very funny, i loved! <3

  • luuexantui 4 years ago

    Thank you Bea, for everything *_*

  • AnneSoshi 4 years ago

    that’s awesomee!!! amazing lu, you did it really great .. & you’re welcome. haha, i love you too